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After another year of the COVID-19 pandemic and hustling to make ends meet through soaring inflation, it’s imperative we’re doing everything to keep our minds, bodies and spiritual chakras in tack in 2023. It’s time for some big zen energy.  

This year, let’s do things a little differently. Want to lose weight? Get that body some zen with low-impact beginner exercises on YouTube. Feeling cluttered? This year is the perfect time to bring zen to that junk drawer by tossing out all that old stuff you haven’t used in almost a decade. Want to travel more? Make small saving goals every day to tuck away some cash for that dream vacation. 

Here’s the deal. Self-care has become a buzzword in our daily vernacular. We pamper ourselves from time to time, but when our busy work-life schedules start kicking into high gear, our self-care goals usually end up falling by the wayside. Let’s prioritize more me time this year. It doesn’t have to be complicated either.

Here’s a tip. Try to create small pockets of zen throughout your week to keep peace and harmony flowing in tandem with your busy workload. Working at home? Step away from the computer for 15 to 20 minutes every hour for some quick meditation. Can’t afford those expensive spa treatments? Hit up google and research an easy at-home facial recipe that you can do while you relax on a lazy Sunday.

Let this year be your most selfish. Take some time to truly think about what peace, zen, and harmony look like and mean for you. Write it down, read it aloud and practice what you preach. Make a schedule for it even if you have to, because you deserve it. 

Here are a couple of easy zen hacks that you can implement into your schedule to help usher in big zen energy and peace this year.


1. Do some Shambhavi Meditation

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Source: Anthony Hopkins / Anthony Hopkins

Shambhavi is a yoga practice that includes deep breathing and meditation techniques. Some say the unique form of meditation can help unlock your third eye and promote more energy. The technique is known to decrease stress levels in people after prolonged implementation. 

In an interview with our sister site Hello Beautiful, Omarion revealed that he regularly starts his morning with sun salutations and Shambhavi to help him kick start the day with positive and peaceful energy. Break out that Yoga mat and give it try before you start your day this year.

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