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Kimmi makes a difficult decision, Melody is blindsided, the Scotts do the most and Martell tried it—again. Episode 12 of Love and Marriage Huntsville was uneventful, yet still full of audacity. The adorable Holt children were the stars of the show. They warmed our collective hearts by being their sweet little selves. The babies really need more camera time. Let’s get into this episode. 


The Holts


It’s day two in Destin and the family is having breakfast before heading out to the beach. The exes seem delighted as they listen to their children share their favorite memories of their previous vacations. Martell reminisces and reiterates how much he misses his family. The mood is jovial until Martel drops a bomb. He tells his ex-wife that the Scotts are also in town and he invited them over. Melody is visibly annoyed. She says Martell often disrespected her boundaries while they were married and he’s done it again. For peace-sake, she goes along with the plan.

The family heads out to the beach and we enjoy a sweet montage of these beautiful Black babies squealing with glee as they play in the water. It was the Black baby joy that we didn’t know we needed, Both Holt parents have their well-toned bodies on display as they join in on the fun. 

Martell goes to retrieve his phone and brings it over to his ex-wife and shows her old pictures of them together. Mel is surprised that he still has her photos in his phone. Melody asks why he is showing her these photos. Instead of giving her an answer, he hands her his phone and goes running into the water. He refused to answer the question but his agenda is crystal clear.


The Scotts 


The Scott family joins the Huntsville Holts on the beach. Melody is annoyed with their presence, but she makes nice with her former friend, LaTisha. Martell suggests they go inside and allow the kids to stay on the beach with grandma. With no children around to censor them, we can’t help but wonder if all hell is about to break loose. Like Martell, the Scotts are also in a nostalgic mood. They both express their happiness about seeing the Holts together again. The Scotts continue to make playful innuendos about the Holts reuniting, but Melody doesn’t find it amusing. She shuts the reconciliation talk down immediately. Martell had the nerve to be offended by this. What in the Huntsville?

The guys head upstairs for a game of pool. Marsau asks his friend about his relationship with his ex wife. 

Martel reflects on his former marriage. He says he cheated on Melody because they weren’t having as much sex as they used to when they first got together. He also said Melody “stopped cooking” as much. When they first got together, they were childless college students. Melody wasn’t running a whole business while caring for multiple children when they got together. Martell really needs to let go of these unrealistic and antiquated ideologies, especially since he wasn’t holding up his end of the “ancient gender role” bargain. But to his credit, he finally took some accountability for hurting his ex-wife and being responsible for the demise of their marriage. In his solo interview, he admits to having deep regrets for inflicting so much pain onto his ex wife. When his eyes begin to fill with tears, he abruptly ends the interview. 

Meanwhile the ladies chop it up about Melody’s new life as a single woman. LaTisha begins to probe Melody with questions about her ex. She asks why she invited Martell on the trip. The former Mrs. Holt explained that she wanted the kids to have both of their parents while they were on vacation. Melody says she is able to vacation with her ex-husband because has healed from trauma that she experienced during her marriage. She says she is open to getting married again, but it’s not a priority for her. LaTisha appears to be supportive as takes up all the information that Melody is giving. But later, she accuses her frenemy of only showing people “what she wants them to see.”  We don’t know why it’s so hard for LaTisha to believe that Melody is truly happy, but it’s weird.


The Hair


Kimmy knows she will lose her hair as continues to undergo chemotherapy treatments, so she decides to do the big chop. Sis has been hiding a beautiful  lion’s mane under her stylish wigs. Who knew? Although she is no stranger to store-bought hair, cutting off her own hair is still an emotional process for Kimmy. Maurice and her best friend Andrea are by her side as her stylist meticulously cuts away at her tresses. Andrea speaks life into her friend as the stylist works. Maurice looks on with tears in his eyes. Kimmi’s hair will be saved and made into a hairpiece that she can wear later. That’s dope. 

The tears fall harder as Kimmi sees herself in the mirror for the first time.

“It will grow back.” Andrea says, as she hugs her friend.  When the other ladies leave, Maurice wraps his arms around his wife’s waist and holds her and she laments at her reflection in the mirror. 

The importance of having loved ones to hold your hand, cry with you and tell you that everything is going to be alright cannot be overstated. Shout out to Kimmi’s village. 

Love & Marriage Huntsville airs on Saturdays at 8pm EST on the OWN network.

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