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We are more than halfway through this season of 90 Day fiancé and we continue to be perplexed by these unharmonious unions and wonder why these couples often decide to marry people they don’t seem to like–let alone love.  Surely, every relationship will have conflict, but these uncomfortable moments should be overshadowed by moments of joy.  Relationships require work and shouldn’t be this difficult. Episode 11 is a depiction of why we shouldn’t try to put square pegs into round holes. 


Miona and Jibri 


The attractive couple sit down for dinner with Jibri’s parents and grandmother. Mama Mahala suggests postponing the wedding. Miona said that if the couple didn’t marry immediately, the relationship is over.  Dad thinks Miona’s unwillingness to compromise is an indication of her lack of commitment. When asked if he felt pressured into marriage, the eccentric musician told his fiancé she was inconsiderate and impatient. He then referred to her as a “entitled millennial.”  So, the person who turned down a lucrative job to “work on music” while living rent free in his parents’ house is calling someone entitled?  Hello pot, meet kettle. Surprisingly, Mama Mahala comes to Miona’s defense and scolds her son for name calling. 


Emily and Kobe


Kobe elicits the help of his future in-laws to find a new engagement ring. Kobe was able to procure a beautiful princess cut ring that would satisfy Emily without breaking the bank.  The frugal fiancé was hesitant about spending a quarter of his savings on jewelry, especially when the couple is strapped for cash. His future father-in-law agreed. But they all seem to prioritize Emily’s happiness over common sense.  

The former underwear model takes his fiancé on a date where he proposed for a second time. Much to all our relief, Emily loved her new ring. The couple returned home to celebrate the re-engagement with her family. For reasons unbeknownst to us all, Emily decided to tell Kobe she had already brought a ring for herself.  Tone deaf much? She tried to soothe her fiancé’s hurt feelings telling him that she will return the ring she purchased for herself, but the damage was done. Kobe excused himself and went to bed. Dad wanted to know where Emily got the money to buy a ring. Look in the mirror, Pops.  


Ari and Bini


Ari meets ex-husband- turned best friend, Leandro. According to Ari, she and her ex not only get along well, but they have a lot in common­—unlike she and Bini. Although Bini tolerates Leandro, he is not comfortable with this friendship for obvious reasons. When the athletic Ethiopian joins the best friends for lunch, Ari expresses her disdain for Bini’s female sparring partner–the audacity.  The ex-hubby bestie attempts to offer some unsolicited advice. Bini tells homeboy to slow his roll. 

Ari invites Leandro to join the family for an Ethiopian New Year celebration. Bini is both blindsided and annoyed, but he doesn’t stand up for himself. At the party, Bini is visibly uncomfortable as he witnesses Ari’s parents interacting with her ex. The attractive immigrant says in his culture, Ari and Leandro’s dynamic would be both weird and disrespectful. Bro, the same applies in America. Bini introduces the partygoers to  Gursha, a practice where people feed each other as a symbol of love.  Leandro refuses to participate but Bini insists on showing his “love” by taking an oversized portion of food and stuffing it into ex-bestie’s mouth.  Ari is amused by the passive aggressive pissing match between the two men. She fuels fire by inviting Leandro to help pick out a wedding dress. Bini is enraged and Ari is entertained. This is toxic. 


Shaeeda and Bilal  


Picking up from last week’s episode, the couple has just finished their “romantic” date and they head back to Bilal’s sister’s house. Shaeeda is still upset about being blindsided with a prenup so goes upstairs to have a conference call with her sisters. The sister squad advises Shaeeda not to sign the agreement unless Bilal agrees to try to conceive children before Shaeeda turns 40. Meanwhile, Bilal is downstairs filling his sister in. Bilal said he needed to protect himself because every woman who has ever loved him has left him. We wonder why. 

Later, Shaeeda asks Biall to meet with his lawyer to revise their prenup to include children. Bilal does what he does best. He deflects. He “teaches” her how to close the zipper on his high-end luggage. The pompous real-estate mogul had the audacity to say that his fiancé was argumentative. That man is exhausting. 


90 Day Fiancé will return  to TLC on Sunday, July 3 at 8pm EST.

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