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Whether you live in one of the rent trap cities that charges so much per month you’d think your space came with a backup kidney, or you’re just dealing with a very small budget, you may find that you and your significant other need to live in a studio apartment (or at least a very small space) together. Sharing a tiny habitat with another person is always difficult, but when you do that with your partner, you have to also do things like still be happy to see each other, still want to have sex, and be truly overjoyed to be around one another. It’s okay to not feel those ways about just some roommate. But with your SO, you need to keep the magic alive while navigating the hole you live in. Here are tips for sharing a studio apartment with your partner.


Get a great gym membership

If your home is cramped, you need some oasis to escape to. Splurge on a great gym membership for a gym with large, bright and clean rooms and luxury amenities.

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Treat yourself with the saved money

Since you are doing this to save money, treat yourselves with at least a little bit of that money to something nice–preferably something that takes you out of your tiny place, like the movies or a museum.


Get outdoors on the weekends

Plan your weekends around getting outdoors. If you spend your entire Saturday on a hike in the great outdoors you’ll be happy to snuggle up in your studio at the end of the day.


Never host girls night

You need to have a rule that states neither of you hosts girls or guys night. Hosting these nights will suffocate your partner.

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Sell your things

You need to take a serious look at your belongings and sell or donate anything you haven’t used in six months. Maybe three months if you’re ready to be strict. Again you can use that money to treat yourselves to a fun and romantic getaway.

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Get storage (could be your mom’s house)

If you have some things you can’t stand to see go but don’t have space for them, don’t worry. You can get a storage space for little money. Or no money, if you use your mom’s house.

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Get an elevated bed

Get an elevated bed so you can use the area beneath for storage. You can’t afford, space-wise, to have a bed that sits flush with the floor.

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Have an amazing bed

You need to have a bed that you absolutely love. If you’re going to live in a cramped space you need to have a bed that is like your escape from it all. Have a bedspread in a color that creates the illusion of space, like white or yellow.

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Grocery shop in small spurts

Your kitchen counters need to stay clear or you’ll feel like you’re going nuts. And you need your cabinet space for permanent items like plates. So only grocery shop in small but frequent spurts.

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Clean up constantly

You can’t afford to be messy if you live in a small space with your significant other. Any time you get up from a chair, look around and see if anything needs to be put away.


Keep your kitchen table small

You’re not hosting dinner parties in this tiny space, so get a two-person table that can sit flush against a wall.

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Have a silent time understanding

Have some code word or action that indicates you need quiet time–no comments or conversation for at least 20 minutes.

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Be extra considerate

You need to be extra considerate so do your dishes right away, try not to be too loud, and put things away as soon as you buy them. You should also be patient when your partner cannot do those things, and hopefully, he will do you the same courtesy.

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You can’t dog or babysit

You need to agree that neither of you will take in other people’s kids or dogs.


But you can house sit

You should be enthusiastic and willing house sitters. You both need to get out as much as possible.

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