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winter romance

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You’ve heard the myth (or is it) that people look for love during the winter because those chilly months cast a spell on humans. But that’s no spell at all. There is a good amount of research showing that humans have a biological and subconscious drive to couple up when it’s cold out. One article published in Sage Journals shows that men find the female figure more attractive during the winter than in the warmer months. The Office for National Statistics shows that September is one of the busiest times for baby births and if you do the math, a baby born in September would have been conceived around the holidays, proving what an amorous time that is. The Journal of Consumer Research states that cold weather even makes people enjoy romance movies more.

The evidence is undeniable: if you find yourself falling in love during the winter, it could be biology at play. Your heart and head hopefully have something to do with it, too, but it’s important to know the tricks your body might be playing on you. So, do you like him, or is it just winter blues?

A Peacoat And A Beanie Do It For You

winter romance

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Something stirs down south when you see a man wearing a classic peacoat and a beanie. You just look at that wool fabric, the double breasted lapels, the mahogany buttons, that popped collar over a thick scarf and your ovaries move – just a little. Why do men look so damn good in this timeless apparel? They just look ready to be waiting at the train station for the love of their life to hop off a train with a vintage suitcase. These outfits shouldn’t be legal. They make even the dullest of scrubs look like sophisticated gentlemen. You fell for your guy when he was wearing one of these outfits, and you pressure him to always wear them.

Your Dates Look Like A Hallmark Movie

winter romance

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You really push for those movie-perfect dates. You want to go pick out a Christmas tree together and decorate it while sipping hot cider. You want to go sledding and ice skating. You want to build a snowman. You don’t want to just hang out at his place (unless it’s the perfect winter getaway, which we’ll get to). You don’t really get excited to see him in boring settings. He is what completes the picture perfect holiday afternoon of chopping down a fir tree and making snow angels in fresh powder. That’s where you see you two. Not picking out socks at the mall.

His Home Is A Winter Dream

winter romance

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If you’re honest, you weren’t sure about this guy until you saw his home. This guy has a penthouse apartment that pulls you away from the cold, heartless streets of the city in this cozy abode. He has a fireplace, too, with a shag rug and sexy leather furniture with soft throw pillows and blankets all over the place. It’s like he practically designed this place to draw in women during the winter. He has style and his central heating works like a dream.

That Couples’ Trip Is Coming Up

winter romance

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You know the one that you go on with tons of friends from college or high school. They all bring their boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and sometimes even children. You all pile into a big cabin, and the couples get the bedrooms with the en suite bathrooms and romantic balconies. You just can’t do it single one more year. This year, you want to show up with a plus-one and get booed up on your weekend getaway .

You Binge Watched Romance Movies

winter romance

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If you trace your steps back to the moment you found this man, it’s kind of obvious what happened. You watched one of the many Christmas romance movies that all of the streaming networks seem to put out by the dozens this time of year. They have some algorithm that determines exactly how many snowy marriage proposals and chases through the airport and cuddles by the fireplace you want to see. Once you finish one movie, Netflix suggests another. Before you know it, you’ve watched eight people find winter love and you’re on your preferred dating app swiping right on anyone wearing a – you guessed it – wool peacoat and beanie.

You Battle Seasonal Depression

winter romance

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Seasonal depression can disrupt the lives of those who suffer from it in a substantial way. We go over the signs and some helpful tips for combating it here. It’s normal to seek comfort wherever you can get it during this time of year. And that might be the reason you suddenly want a partner when you had no interest in dating during the warmer months. Once you warm up and cheer up again, you might not want to be coupled up anymore.

You Didn’t Like Him Before

winter romance

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You met this guy in the spring or summer. He pursued you, hard. You had no interest. You remember saying to yourself and to your friends that you could never see him that way. But he stuck beside you, always letting you know that he’d be an option, should you change your mind. And then, just like that, daylight saving time ended and BAM, you woke up wondering what this guy was up to.

You Won’t Talk Summer Plans

winter romance

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Your winter boyfriend wants to talk about summer plans. For some reason, you have a mental block when it comes to picturing you two together in the summer. You really see yourself more single at that time. You don’t see yourself having someone by your side for the boozy brunches, beach days and boat trips. You didn’t see yourself being partnered up for your summer cruise with your girlfriends. You’d prefer you two just plan winter activities for now.

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