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beauty roundup

Source: Courtesy of Minori, KINLŌ, Reed + Gwen / Minori, KINLŌ, Reed + Gwen


With the ever-evolving variety of beauty products on the market, it can be challenging to figure out what’s worth spending your hard-earned money on. 

That said, MADAMENOIRE makes sure to test as many beauty and wellness products as possible to share our thoughts on them with our MN family — from the skincare junkies to those just looking for something to spice up their routine. 

Peep MN‘s latest roundup of beauty reviews — including a body oil developed by a mattress brand, Naomi Osaka’s skincare line, highlighters inspired by the “KonMari” method and more.


beauty roundup

Source: Courtesy of Reed + Gwen / Reed + Gwen

Reed + Gwen Grounding Dry Body Oil

Have you ever considered trying out body care items created by a mattress company? We didn’t think so.

Quite honestly, we were interested in trying out Avocado’s venture in the clean beauty space — four products now available under the recently launched brand Reed + Gwen — just to see how good these items could be.

We like the brand’s Grounding Dry Body Oil primarily because of the lightweight and non-greasy way it applies on the skin. We particularly like layering it on top of a body moisturizer right after hopping out of the shower to ensure that our skin absorbs as much hydration as possible.

The product includes avocado oil to enrich the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D, and E. Scent wise, it definitely instills that “grounding” effect.

On top of this specific product leaving a light radiance on the skin without the greasiness, Reed + Gwen’s entire product range is plant-based, non-toxic, easily recyclable, sustainable and without sulfates.


beauty roundup

Source: Courtesy of KINLŌ / KINLŌ

KINLŌ Facial Spray

KINLŌ is a skincare brand designed by world-famous tennis champion Naomi Osaka for melanin-rich skin.

The KINLŌ line consists of four different products — a lip balm, tinted sunscreen, an eye cream, and our favorite of the bunch, the Hydrating Golden Mist.

As cooler weather hits, the Hydrating Golden Mist is a great multi-use product. It’s good before putting on facial moisturizer, as a step that takes away powderiness when applying makeup or when our skin needs some extra hydration.

Its ingredients include hemp seed oil, coconut water, witch hazel, aloe vera, and orange and tangerine peel oils. The coco-nutty, citrusy aroma softly shines through in a heavenly way.

We also love that the bottle is small enough to throw in our purse when we’re on-the-go and that this product is affordable. Out of the three products we tried in the collection (everything but the eye cream), this facial spray stands out.


lanshin gua sha

Source: Courtesy of Lanshin / Lashin

Lanshin Massager

The Lanshin Massager by ACERA will make a great gift this holiday season for anyone in your life who needs some relaxation.

Described as “a hot stone massage in the palm of your hand,” MN loves this product because it’s a self-care tool you can use across the entire body. It provides a unique combination of its patented Liven™ technology — via FarInfrared (FIR) energy and heat — to tired and aching muscles that are craving some extra TLC.

We particularly love implementing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine explained by the brand’s founder in this YouTube tutorial while we use this massager to tackle tension trapped in the neck and jaw.

If you spend hours looking down at your laptop or phone for school or work, using this product after a long day will feel like the amazing pampering you deserve. It’s one of our favorites of the roundup!

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frank body scrub

Source: Courtesy of Frank Body / Frank body

Frank Body Buff Marshmellow Body Scrub

If we had to give this product a rating, we’d give it a strong 7/10.

If you prefer strong body scrubs that offer deep exfoliation on the skin — this isn’t the one for you. That said, the Buff Marshmellow Body Scrub is just for that, buffing. We like this product for helping maintain smooth and soft skin on a daily basis by providing gentle exfoliation and moisture through the shea butter, quartz and cocoa seed butter in its ingredient list.

If you have stretch marks or cellulite, like most of us do, the formula also includes some coffee seed oil to treat those as well. 

It’s not super mess to apply, although you might find grains of quartz on the floor of your shower that can be easily rinse away. Lastly, from a sustainability standpoint, we like that you can order refills of this product after initially buying it in the reusable tub it comes in.

If you’re in need of a light body exfoliator, go ahead and give this one a try. It’s great for at-home DIY pedicures too!

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beauty roundup

Source: Courtesy of Minori / Minori

Minori Highlighters

Minori is a makeup brand that launched earlier this year inspired by the KonMari method — aka only keeping things in your life that “spark joy.”

With that in mind, the brand offers a small range of makeup items that are “everyday essentials.”

Although we feel like their line could do some more work in becoming shade inclusive — we like their Cream Highlighter in the shades Golden and Champagne. After trying each one, we can confirm they’re brown and dark-skin-friendly.

We recommend using Champagne on the tops of one’s cheeks and other high points of the face over or under one’s foundation. It can also be used on a day when you’re skipping foundation but want a soft, radiant glow.

For Golden, we suggest using it under foundation and in the warmer months when you’re building up a bronzy makeup look.

We’re particularly fond of the highlighters within this line because of their cream-to-powder formula. It makes the product less messy to apply than liquid and regular powder highlighters while still providing a certain dewy naturalness. Also, Minori’s range is vegan, cruelty-free, and meets or exceeds the standards put forth by Clean at Sephora, Credo and The Detox Market.

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Which one of the products above will you give a try?

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