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Kevin Samuels rose to infamy after he began doing Instagram Live sessions coaching Black women on how to navigate their love life. Samuels, who is an image consultant, gives women unfiltered feedback about their appearance, why their standards shouldn’t be as high as they are and why their expectations from men are unrealistic. His insensitive delivery had led to him being accused of hating Black women and his advice is viewed as vicious attacks. In a recent IG Live, Samuels directed his fury towards men, something his followers feel he doesn’t do enough.

Samuels had a few choice words for men who refuse to take women on dates in fear of running into a “dinner scammer.” In the clip, he spoke about how he hears men explain how they don’t want to spend more than $20 on a date until they get to know the woman better. Dinner scammers are people who go on a date specifically for a free meal regardless of how they feel about their pursuant. People will go on dates without any interest in the person paying solely to get a free meal, which had deterred men especially from taking women on dates for their first meeting. I’ve even heard men say they would rather just “meet and talk” first before they go on a date to ensure that the interest is mutual before they spend money.  In response to that nonsense, Samuels gave the middle finger.

“It is on us to ask better questions before you take somebody out,” he said. “If you end up going out with a woman and she is a dinner scammer, then you failed. That is a horrible attitude to go into the market [with.] ‘I’m gonna take a woman that is up here out to Starbucks because I don’t want to be scammed for $30’. Keep your broke a** at home.”

Who knew that Samuels could actually hold men accountable for their BS? Samuels is seen as someone who bashes Black women as a sport. This advice shows he doesn’t only have smoke for Black women and that it is important to also let men know about their shortcomings and irrational ways of approaching the dating scene as well.

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