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Things are different these days when it comes to dating. We asked our readers if they’ve ever been out with a man who asked them to pay for the date. See what our Facebook friends had to say. 

Roz: Left him there with the entire bill


Pretty: No man has ever “asked”. Some have assumed I knew d be paying for my portion. I don’t mind paying for my own, but of you asked me tp go out with you, you better have enough to cover us both or we won’t go out again.


Audie: No, I can’t imagine being bothered with any man that cheap.


Erica: I paid MY share & let him know that there was no need to ask for a second “date”. If you’re attempting to court me, then you need to pay for the date. I “hang out” with my friends, not suitors.


Ncognito: I was tricked into buying dinner. He ask me out, we met up, and so happens he left his wallet. Yeah right, that was the first n last time I seen him n paid for a meal.


Natasha: A man has never asked me to pay but I have paid especially if I really like the guy because I think its a nice gesture!


Vesta: Yes. We are now divorced.


Faren: When I’m in a relationship I don’t mind paying for a date but if we’re just dating I’m not paying.


Elaura: Nope never had that problem when on a date the person who asked should pay. Now if I ask for you to go out with me I wouldn’t mind but most of the time he pays.


Atisha: First dates should be coffee type date. A way to get to know the person without distractions, i.e., movies.

If he can’t pay that then boy did I choose wrong!!


Ella: It happened once in 2002, but its because his card was declined. I paid for dinner and the movie. lol No I did not see him again.


Karema: He didn’t ask. We went to the movies and he reached in his pockets and said I don’t have enough then looked at me with a stupid look on his face. That was the first and LAST date we went on…. Also ( and this is gross) he popped a pimple on his face and reached into my bag of popcorn that I bought and started stuffing his face. I just gave him the bag, I was too disgusted.


William: If you really vibe with someone it should never be an issue. You both mutually invest in one another and treat each other from time to time. I wouldn’t trip about him not having enough to cover, I would examine why he didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell you the truth before you were out in public.


Ashley: I was told that I had to pay before we even went out… He didn’t have a car and had to take the bus.. So I agreed to meet him but stood him up


Gloria: Sure. Once I grew into maturity I absolutely loved going ‘dutch’ or paying for the whole date (especially if it was my idea). I believe in equality between the sexes – socially, politically, and economically.


Moneka: I had a guy ask me out to dinner,and once we got to the restaurant he told me that he didn’t have any money. Welp I ate he didn’t. And that was the end of that.


Nia: When we first went out, yes, I paid for my portion of our date. I was raised to do that by my parents. My dad would say that way your date won’t expect you to do anything after the date! Lol! That was 20 years ago. My then date is now my husband of 17 years. He said that it impressed him that I paid for my portion and in future dates had no problems paying for his sometimes.


Fifth: I was asked to dinner by a man….this was date number 3 actually. The check came & he asked if I could pay for my portion. Instead, I paid for us both. I really did not make a big deal of it because times get tough for us all occasionally. He never called me again even after I sent him a couple of “hello” texts. I do feel that the person who asks the other out should pay out of courtesy but chilvary should not be totally dismissed either.

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