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Chris, Paige and Pastor Dwight

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Last night we caught up with the “Married at First Sight” couples after they either committed to one another or got a divorce. And for the most part there weren’t any big reveals or surprises. But Chris also brings a certain level of entertainment factor with all of his toxic shenanigans. And last night was no different. Get into the happenings and audience reactions on the following pages.


Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography; The First Look Photography / lifetime

Ryan and Clara

Who knew what was going to happen with Ryan and Clara. The relationship seemed to be one-sided in the fact that Clara was perhaps more into Ryan than he was into her. But on the reunion, Ryan acknowledges that the connection and communication he and Clara shared took place off camera. Good to know.

You may remember that whether their children would be raised in the church was a bit of an issue for the couple. Clara has distanced herself from traditional religion meanwhile Ryan’s parents are pastors. All of that is still on the table since they have no plans for kids.

Even though the two had planned a vow renewal, up until the reunion Ryan had not said I love you. But when Kevin asked him outright, he said ‘I think I do.’ Clara appreciated the words but she said she had been able to tell Ryan loved her from his actions for some time.

These two kept it classy when it came to whether or not they’d consummated their marriage. But Kevin did ask and of course they played the clip of Clara going off about “getting Ryan off” without getting what she needed. Ryan reacted to it, saying that he could appreciate her venting her frustrations. He said he felt bad for making her feel that way, but she needed to get it out. I get the sense that they have had sex and just don’t want to discuss the intimacy of that moment on national television.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography; The First Look Photography / lifetime

Erik and Virginia             

The people of the internet are convinced that Erik and Virginia were ultimately not a good match. Truthfully, I was one of them. I’m still not sure exactly how controlling Erik is. But on the reunion show, they seem like they’re in a good place. Virginia said using the word controlling was a bad choice in words. While they acknowledge that they still struggle with communication, watching the show helped them to reflect on the ways in which they spoke to one another.

Erik said being on the show was like therapy. He did recognize the ways in which his communication was off-putting, particularly with the guy friend discussion.

Virginia moved into Erik’s condo. She said she doesn’t know if the cat allergy was a real thing because they were there for three weeks before he had any allergy issues.

Kevin asked Virginia if alcohol was an issue for her. She said she talked more about partying than she actually did party. Erik even agreed that her going out has not been an issue for them since they got married.

Haley MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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Haley finally confirmed that the sex with Jacob was not good and that’s when she knew that there was no connection between them. She tried to spare Jacob’s feelings. But it was just impossible.




Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography; The First Look Photography / lifetime

Briana and Vincent

Briana and Vincent were a fan favorite even though things slipped at times based on behavior. Briana acknowledged that the two, specifically her, have learned to reach a middle ground. Briana said she’s learned to essentially pick her battles.

Still, with all that she’s learned, Vincent said he wasn’t alarmed by her being described as bossy. He said that means that person knows what they want. I don’t know if that lines up with what he said throughout the season and even on decision day. But we’ll take him at his most recent word.

I did appreciate that Vincent brags about his wife being an engineer and how inspiring that is for other young girls of color.

To me though, the most important part of the conversation came when they spoke about Vincent’s sensitivity. He acknowledged that it was his anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by being watched by millions of people. He shared that he was scared of what people would think about him, which is interesting because it was in the moments where he was overly concerned about the public that he ended up looking like a bit of a jerk. I was happy to hear him say that he overreacted.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography; The First Look Photography / lifetime

Paige and Chris

Still a mess. It hurt me to even see the two of them sitting together on the couch. And as usual, Chris came with some slick talk, talking about he repented for everything. He called his behavior disgusting, pure arrogance. Thankfully Kevin diagnosed immediately as media training. It’s all a game. Unsurprisingly, Paige and Chris revealed that they tried to reconcile by going to counseling together.

The conversation seemed to be civil, no matter how tense until Pastor Dwight walked out. And that’s when all hell broke loose. The moment Pastor Dwight said Chris doesn’t like correction (not even from him) that’s when he cussed Pastor Dwight out before leaving the room.

And there you have it.

Not for nothing,  Chris and Pastor Dwight were wearing the same exact suit. And we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that Pastor Dwight wore it better.


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