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Chris and Paige, MAFS

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Was Paige wrong for saying she would like to communicate more with Chris to strengthen their marriage and then choosing to ignore some of his phone calls?

Paige told him during a recent episode of Married at First Sight that she wasn’t able to pick up his phone calls because she is busy and has a life just like him after he shared his issues with his inability to get in touch with her via phone call (he’s not a text person…). She also told him that because he fails to have anything of depth to discuss with her that could benefit their marriage when they’re face to face, she was no longer eager to talk on the phone.

“And the reason why is because every time we get here and we’re trying to have a conversation, you have nothing to say!” she told him. He replied, “I don’t have sh-t to say in person because you ain’t got sh-t to say off the camera.”

Taking her lack of desire to be at his beck and call(s) as rejection, he used that as the straw that broke the camel’s back to say the marriage was once again at a dead end.

But during the most recent Unfiltered episode, where happenings from recent MAFS episodes are played back and explained with help from cast members, Paige said her choice to not answer his calls went a bit deeper than she let on during the show.

“I had to fall back from some of the communication off-camera because I’m like, if we can’t get on the same page when we’re actually filming this or documenting this, then I don’t feel comfortable having any more conversations off camera,” she said. “That’s protecting my emotional and mental well-being.”

And while she says she wasn’t trying to get back at him for the pain he’s caused her by ignoring his calls, she had zero sympathy for him saying he felt rebuffed by her.

“He’s saying that he feels rejected for me not answering a couple of phone calls, but I mean let’s keep it a stack, I’ve been feeling rejected since Day 1.” she said. “Not saying I’m giving him a taste of his own medicine because that’s not how I operate, but it’s like, at this point, when is enough enough? And if you really wanna be married, when are you actually gonna show up for this said marriage?”

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