Temporary Wallpaper And Other Affordable Ways To Cheer Up Your Home For Spring

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spring home decor ideas

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Springtime may literally be the happiest time of the year, according to research that finds human moods improve particularly when we get outdoors during this season. Between the bright skies and warmer weather, we can really cheer up! But, for many of us, being outdoors all day isn’t an option. Even being outdoors for an hour a day isn’t very feasible. Additional research found that Americans spend 92 percent of their life indoors, so in all likelihood, you aren’t fully capitalizing on the mood-boosting properties of being outdoors in the springtime. What you can do, however, is bring the spring indoors. If you can’t sit in the literal sun, you can make it figuratively sunnier inside and replicate a bit of the magic of nature during springtime, inside of your home.

Of course, completely redecorating your home for every season wouldn’t be practical, or budget-friendly. Unless you have the time and finances of celebrities that go all out redoing their landscaping to be Christmas wonderlands, and turning home offices into summer greenhouses, you can probably only make minimal changes to the look of your space. Fortunately, there are temporary and affordable changes you can make to cheer up your home for the season.

spring home decor ideas

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Switch out throw pillows and blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are easy to store when not in use, and significantly contribute to the aesthetic of a room when they are strewn about ottomans, couches, and love seats. You can hang throw blankets over the backs of chairs and add accent pillows in bay windows. It’s easy to keep a set of these items in both spring/summer hues, as well as fall/winter ones. Think light yellow, robin egg blue, cream, light green, and violet. Swapping these in and swapping out the darker hues of your fall/winter accent items will only take a few moments throughout your entire home, yet they’ll instantly transform the space.

spring home decor ideas

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Grab some temporary wallpaper

You aren’t stuck with the look of your walls. Temporary wallpaper lets you completely alter the look and feel of a home, and is totally non-committal. When you no longer like it, just peel it off. Spring can be a nice time to grab some bright and cheery floral prints to add to a few strategic areas, like a breakfast nook, the foyer, a reading corner, or the home office. You can even just do one wall in the kitchen or living room area. If you go this direction, keep furniture simple. Opt for mostly white furniture or even clear furniture since that makes a room look large and airy.

spring home decor ideas

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Lighten the curtain panels

Curtains, like throw pillows and blankets, are easily swapped out and don’t take up much of your decorating budget or storage space. In the spring and summer, it can be nice to add brightly colored curtain panels to rooms with large windows. Think turquoise, yellow, or light pink. You can even go with lace, semi-transparent curtains in the rooms where you don’t sleep – these will serve more as decorative items than functional ones for blocking out any light. But this is a time of year you want to let the light into the home. You can even add small decorative curtains to bathroom or kitchen windows.

spring home decor ideas

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Illuminate outdoor areas

As the weather warms up and the sun stays up later, you’ll probably want to spend more time outdoors. But if you’ve neglected your outdoor relaxation areas throughout the fall and winter, they may be in need of some TLC before you want to use them. In addition to cleaning off outdoor furniture and mowing the lawn, add lighting fixtures throughout an outdoor space. You can add small lights that line a stone walkway, twinkle lights around tree trunks, and white bulbs strung overhead in a patio seating area. This will help make the place look welcoming even after the sun begins to set.

spring home decor ideas

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Do some painting

The gorgeous colors popping up in nature are enough to inspire the artist in us all this time of year. Between the flowers blooming and the beautiful birds landing on our windows, it’s easy to get the urge to recreate what you see. Grab an easel, some canvas, and your materials of choice like oil paint or colored pencil, and set up a painting or artist’s corner in a prominent part of your home. Maybe this can be in the corner by a window in the living room, overlooking the garden. It is both functional and decorative as the pieces of art you create will contain the gorgeous colors of spring, and cheer up the room.

spring home decor ideas

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Repaint armoires and more

Paint, like wallpaper, is another thing that you can swap out often without feeling that you have to commit to any particular color scheme. If you have wooden pieces of furniture like armoires, chairs, or storage trunks, you can paint these spring colors like eggshell white, light blue, or light orange. Items that used to fade into the background as strictly functional can become focal pieces of a room. Your dining room chairs can suddenly add pops of color to the dining area, and the kids’ toy chest can be visually appealing, as well as useful. Come fall, you can repaint these items to be darker.

spring home decor ideas

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Switch out towels and bath mats

Towels and bath mats are easy to swap out between the seasons. Maybe during the fall and winter you like maroon or navy blue bath mats and earthy towels. But come spring and summer, you can bring out the cheery orange towel sets and vibrant green bath mats. Each bathroom can have its own color scheme with, for example, all violet mats and hand towels in the guest bathroom, and all yellow towels and bath mats in the master bathroom. You can also swap out the hand and dish towels in the kitchen, as well as any mats you keep on the floor by the kitchen sink and oven.

spring home decor ideas


Display bright fruit

Let some of the gorgeous fruit that this season yields serve both as sustenance and decor. Fill large bowls with bright yellow lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges. These fruits last a long time on the counter, and as you slowly snack away at them, you can just replace them. Pineapples are also in season this time of the year and last remarkably long on the counter when not cut into. You can lay one on its side and create a floral wreath around it for a tropical centerpiece. Mix things up by putting fruit in tall, glass vases instead of traditional bowls.

spring home decor ideas

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Add floral tablecloths and runners

Keep floral tablecloths on hand for all of the surfaces in your home. You can add one to your dining room table, but also your kitchen nook, coffee table, and even kitchen island. These instantly transform a surface from boring and functional to a focal point of a room. If you’re up for it, you can even keep your dining room table permanently set with decorative items like white scalloped plate sets, floral teacups, and embroidered napkins. If you rarely eat at your formal dining table, this is a good way to maximize the space and have it be decorative when not in use.

spring home decor ideas

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Swap out bedding

Keep a set of spring and summer sheets, shams, pillowcases, and duvet covers on hand. When the weather warms up, swap these in on all of your beds. If you think of how large a bed is, it really takes up the majority of a bedroom, so whatever is on it really determines the look of the entire space. Start with a simple white or off-white duvet cover or comforter in a light material such as linen or cotton. Then build out the look with light green or violet sheets, and floral pillowcases. Add a knitted sham to the foot of the bed.

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