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Angela Simmons

Source: Angela Simmons / Strategic Heights Media

Angela Simmons is set to star in a new series titled “Just Angela.” The show, which she promises will offer fans an unfiltered look into her life as a mom and entrepreneur, will broadcast on AspireTV. We caught up with the hip-hop heiress to discuss the new program, balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship, and what it’s like to date while under a microscope.

MN: Tell me about your new show “Just Angela” and what inspired you to take on a solo television project?

Angela: Yes, so I’m currently still on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” which should be airing pretty soon as well but this is a much different type of show. You know, very much so my diary. Very much so behind, behind the scenes. You know, the real, the stories that I can’t tell through the lens of my reality show. It’s just other things that I can speak about. And so entrepreneur, mother, just all of the things I do in one place. A place where I can tell you guys what’s actually going on. Things that I think you guys don’t normally get to hear, you know, it’s just my day-to-day story.

MN: Would you classify “Just Angela” as a reality show?

Angela: It’s a show powered by YouTube and it’s broadcasting on Aspire. It’s just very much so behind the scenes, very behind the scenes. It’s like me sitting down and talking to you guys as a friend.

MN: So like, vlogger vibes.

Angela: Yes, that is it

MN: There’s a portion of the series that will highlight various Black-owned businesses from the aspireMKTPLC. Can you tell us more about that?

Angela: I feel like it’s really important as Black-owned businesses that we support one another. I’m really big on supporting any business, but ones that look like me, I’m really like hats off. I know what it’s like to be a single mom, an African-American woman in business, Being able to help others is a passion of mine. It’s been my passion for a long time and so I felt like, this is awesome that we have this platform. Aspire is all about it, which I love. Kin has been awesome with it. So just being able to use my platform for other individuals has been a passion of mine and I’m just happy to help and be there for my community and you know, like I said, lend my hand to my community. If I lend my hand to one person in my community, they reach back out and they lend their hands to their community.

MN: You’re like an OG when it comes to entrepreneurship at this point. We all remember Pastry from back in the day. I can speak from experience when I say that managing motherhood and entrepreneurship is wild. What advice can you offer regarding the balancing act?

Angela: Well, I say like days never go as planned, especially when you’re a mom because you don’t know at what point you may have to drop something to do something for your child but I always go back to just putting in the energy and the time into it. I think anything that we want in life is about putting the energy into it. It’s finding the time in your day. Even though we say we don’t have enough time, the truth of the matter is that we have 24 hours. Either we’re gonna wake up a little earlier or go to bed a little later or find something in the middle of the day for the business that you actually want to do or see grow. So I think it’s just about energy and putting the right amount of energy into it. It’s finding small amounts of time. I don’t care if it’s an hour, ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes, whatever it is. Find the time to put it into your business you know, because if it’s what you want to do, you know, time waits for no one.

MN: As I was preparing for this interview, I noticed that people are very fascinated by your love life. Does it ever frustrate you? 

Angela: I think I’ve learned not to care as much. Since I was like 17 or 18, people always have had stuff to say. You know, “Is she dating Bow Wow?” “Is she dating this guy?” “She broke up with this one.” So, I’m learning to just like roll with the punches. You know. I let people speak and say what they want on my behalf. They never really know what’s going on in my world unless I let them in so I just let people talk. If you have something to say or if you’re interested in it, you know, I let them have their conversations. Hey, it’s life. I’m a woman. You break up with somebody, you get back, you break up, you get married like, things happen. I’ve been engaged, I’ve been through a lot publicly and so I just believe in just doing what works for you, and that’s what I do when it comes to my love life.

“Just Angela” premieres on AspireTV Tuesday, March 30 at 9 pm ET. Watch the trailer here.

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