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I can vividly recall going natural for the first time and wishing for a particular hair type. Thankfully, I got over that and learned to embrace my hair for what it is, but according to new research from Carol’s Daughter, my experience was not uncommon. A survey conducted by the natural hair care brand found that 82 percent of women have experienced hair envy at some point in their lives. Furthermore, the study found that while 74 percent of women reported liking or loving their hair, 75 percent have wished at some point that they had a different texture.

If you’re unfamiliar, curl envy is essentially when you look at someone else’s hair, whether it be natural or relaxed, and wish that you had hair like them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with admiring another queen’s crown, but the problems arise when someone else’s hair makes you feel bad about your own.

“Growing up, my mother taught me to be happy with the hair on my head and to take care of it,” says Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price. “I may be an introvert in life, but I have been bold when it comes to my hair. I’ve had locs, braids, wraps, weaves and have done the ‘big chop’ about four times in my life, and in all that I’ve learned that all my hair wants is for me to love and care for her, so I do.”

In light of their findings, founder Price and the Carol’s Daughter team set out to change that by launching National Curl Crush Day on March 16 — a day that encourages Black women to embrace their God-given curls.

Carol's Daughter Coco Creme

Source: Carol’s Daughter / Carol’s Daughter

“My hair is my hair. It doesn’t change much. It doesn’t really get ‘better’ or more like someone else’s curls,” Price told MadameNoire. “But, it comes back. She comes back to me each and every time and all she asks is that I love her and care for her. So, I do. It took me a few decades but I can say with certainty that I am my Curl Crush and I’m so excited to launch the first-ever National Curl Crush Day so we can all take a moment to celebrate and love on our OWN curls.”

As a part of the Curl Crush Day celebration, Carol’s Daughter expanded their popular Coco Cremé Collection with two new products: the Curl Perfecting Water Coco Mist and the Curl Shaping Cream Gel.

The Coco Cremé Collection is adored by loyal Carol’s Daughter customers because the products are designed to provide hydration for extremely dry hair.

“In celebration of loving our hair and being our own Curl Crush, I am thrilled to announce the new additions to the Coco Crème collection because they are like a love letter to your curls,” Price says. “They offer you the blend of styling power to keep your curls popping, coupled with the intense moisture and hydration your hair craves.”

The collection also includes the Curl Quenching Moisture Mask, the Creamy Conditioner, the Sulfate-Free Shampoo, and the Coil enhancing Moisture Butter. Check them all out at the Carol’s Daughter website.

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