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Lift Every Voice And Meme

Source: Courtesy of Morgan Hawthorne / Morgan Hawthorne


When it comes to card games, there aren’t many that appeal to Black people and speak our language. So entrepreneur Morgan Hawthorne decided to fill that gap with her new adult card game, “Lift Every Voice And Meme.”

To play the game, you have to pick a judge and give each player seven caption cards. The judge picks a meme and whoever matches the funniest caption to the meme and makes the judge laugh wins.

Hawthorne told me that she and her husband, Kareem, decided to create a game after hosting a game night filled with games that didn’t have a Black voice.

“Since we are always entertaining, we had some friends over one day and we were playing a game that was similar in concept to “Life Every Voice & Meme” but not targeted towards the Black audience at all,” she said. “We’re going through the cards and playing and [we were constantly] skipping cards. We basically went through the whole box of cards just skipping….We thought it would be dope if we created a game with Black culture in mind.”

So they gathered memes from social media and created different captions. They knew that the game was a hit when they tested it out on friends and family and received gut busting laughs. When Hawthorne tested the game on family, she was able to show her stepfather Steve Harvey that he wasn’t the only funny one in the family. While playing the game, she said the game was King of Comedy-approved and loved by her the entire family.

“My whole family is actually nuts,” she said about their sense of humor. “The whole family had crazy, wild reactions to it.”

The main goal of creating the game was to “take ownership of the things we portray” in Black culture, Hawthorne said.

“I want to be able to have a game night with my friends where it’s all about us,” she continued. “[As Black people], when we put our spin on things it goes to a whole new level. Why should we not be in the gaming space?”

They also launched a sister game to “Lift Every Voice and Meme” called “Aight, I’ma Head Out.” That game consists of cards with extreme scenarios that pushes you and your friends to the limits. Hawthorne laughed that after playing the game “you’ll see who has standards and who doesn’t.”

Morgan Hawthorne and husband Kareem

Source: Morgan Hawthorne / Morgan Hawthorne

Before ending the conversation, I had to ask Hawthorne about how she felt about the conversation on social media about her little sister Lori Harvey’s dating habits. ICYMI, rapper Boosie felt the need to say that Harvey was getting “passed around” and that the men she was dating deserved more credit than her. His full comment during his interview on VLADTV was:

I think we need to stop giving the women the power with situations like this. Girls keep saying it’s ‘goals’ but this is not goals. We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit, who not housing her, running through her. The last time I went to Diddy’s house, him and Bu was together. They dogs…I know Lori [is] a beautiful woman, but we gotta stop giving the glory to the women. What about the bachelors? … She’s not tied to none of them. What about the Futures? The Trey Songz? Who are really bending through these h***? … We gotta start giving them the credit instead of Lori.”

When I asked Hawthorne how she felt about it, she empathized with her baby sister and said dealing with nasty opinions is one of the downsides of being a public figure from a young age.

“I can’t imagine doing things in the public eye like she has to,” she said. “My mom didn’t get remarried to Steve until I was a junior in college so I didn’t have to live my life in the public eye like that. I think that people in general, Boosie and whomever else, are not being sensitive to that. She’s young, she’s dating, she’s growing and she’s learning and she has to do that with everybody and their mother’s opinion.”

“Lift and Every Voice and Meme” and “Alright, I’ma Head Out” are available for purchase here.



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