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Scrappy and Erica

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If you’ve been tuning into Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition, which has been delightful thus far, you couldn’t have missed the issues between Scrappy and Erica Dixon being put on blast thanks to Momma Dee. On Monday night’s episode (Feb. 15), the comically intrusive reality TV mom, already overstepping boundaries by speaking about marital issues concerning her son Scrappy and his wife Bambi, secretly invited Erica to the family reunion. She did so in order for everyone to handle their issues and peacefully co-parent for her granddaughter, Emani. And while the shock of Erica’s presence was clear the moment she walked across the grass on field day, Bambi, surprisingly, stepped up and offered to bury the hatchet.

She had, in the past, been against correspondence between Scrappy and Erica because early on in their relationship, he was allegedly still messing with Erica. So when people found out that the co-parents only communicated via text and that Erica claimed Bambi played a part in that, she received the brunt of the blame for things online. But she was over the drama in episode two, “Parent Trap,” telling Erica that if she had ever felt offended by her, she wanted to move on from that to avoid any and all awkwardness.

“If you ever feel like I came at you in a foul type of way, I just want to clear whatever situation we have up because I don’t have no issue with you whatsoever,” she said.

Erica, being open, accepted the olive branch. She didn’t call anybody out on past problematic behavior. Instead, she agreed to “let bygones be bygones.”

It was a great thing to see. It also made you a little hopeful, because if Erica and Bambi could move forward, there should be nothing standing in the way of her and Scrappy resolving their issues, right? Wrong.

Later on in the episode, when she tried to approach him so that they could get along better for the sake of their 16-year-old daughter, Scrappy was hostile immediately. When she asked to speak with him, he asked her “for what?” And when he finally conceded and walked over to talk, he made it clear where he stood. “Nah, ’cause we not doin’ it right now. I ain’t trying to do nothin.'”

He also made it clear he didn’t want to talk about her with producers. He said it doesn’t make sense for him to talk about her more than he talks about his own wife.

“Find whoever that girl with, and y’all can sit them up here and they can talk her the whole time,” he said. That man doesn’t want to talk about Erica ever again.

It was confusing. His wife told him that he needed to have a conversation with Erica. As for Erica, she was trying to be open-minded again, reaching out to him. Perhaps there are some deeper conversations that needed to be had in private that he just didn’t want to confront with the eyes of Love and Hip Hop cameras watching, but there was a respectful way to say that, which he didn’t go about doing. After spending the episode saying he was going to handle things in the way he does, we could finally see what that meant: avoidance at all costs.

Twitter is fairly certain that Scrappy’s issues with Erica have to do with him having some leftover feelings for her. Perhaps that’s the case. Maybe he’s upset that she moved on just like he did and is happy. It’s not a shock for a person who can’t cope with that to only be able to move forward by holding on to immense hostility towards a person and/or retreating whenever that person comes around, which is how Scrappy acts in his dealings with Erica. He gets visibly uptight. It’s clear now that while the finger was being pointed at Bambi, Scrappy was really the problem. He was hiding behind her past insecurities concerning the interactions the co-parents had, pretending that was the issue and, having her back, he and “the Bam” would not be discussing it. Instead, he really couldn’t take that Erica would call him out on his stuff, including his infidelity and issues concerning financial contributions for their daughter. He also couldn’t take that she decided to be happy with her new partner and start a family. He said it during a past confrontation in 2019 at the reunion while she was pregnant.

“She up here claiming she with her baby daddy and everything all good and all of that, shawty you ain’t even seeing him,” he said. “You’re trying to fake the funk!”

He was so concerned about that but didn’t have a little bit of energy to give to talk about getting along for Emani’s sake at the family reunion. I can’t.

Perhaps they were able to work through things off-camera, but considering the way he handled things at the pool, it’s hard to believe a come-to-Jesus moment was had. It’s a shame truly. Everything was set up so that what could have been an ugly situation left the door open to reconciliation. Bambi was on her “grown woman” vibes. Erica, who effectively shut down any conversation concerning Scrappy and Bambi’s marriage when speaking with Momma Dee made clear her reason for coming to the reunion. Unfortunately, Scrappy preferred to slam that door of reconciliation shut. Get out your feelings, sir.

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