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Erica, Scrappy and Bambi

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The first part of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion aired last night, and between trying to figure out if Joc had anymore skeletons in his closet and if Karlie Redd was letting go of her bowels on people’s sheets, unfortunately, there was a moment where Scrappy and Erica Dixon went at it.

It’s not 100 percent clear why, but from the minute the host shared video of Erica preparing to give birth to her twin girls, Scrappy looked incredibly annoyed while his wife, Adiz “Bambi” Benson tried her hardest to look indifferent. When Erica came out to speak on where things stood between she and Scrappy, she noted, once again, that they don’t communicate. She found it crazy that they can’t improve their co-parenting communication, Bambi included, because Bambi felt the present setup was good enough and worked for her. Bambi said that when Erica texts Scrappy, she’s speaking to “us,” and that’s good enough for her.

Things went downhill from there, with Bambi telling Erica she’s just upset about their relationship and therefore making trouble, because she and Scrappy got along just fine when he wasn’t married to her. Bambi also alleged that Erica was mad that they didn’t want to film with her, claiming they avoided doing so in the hopes of not embarrassing Emani, and that in response, Erica text Scrappy and cussed him out.

But Erica stayed focused on the fact that Scrappy just doesn’t want to communicate. They ended up going back and forth and called one another liars. They also pulled out their phones, Scrappy to show that he’s been paying child support consistently in the hopes of clearing his name, and Erica, showing recent receipts that he is still past due in payments. It was a whole mess, and it culminated in Scrappy saying, “None of y’all know her. She gon’ always do this. She a basic baby mama.”


If that wasn’t enough (Mama Dee tried to shut that down while Bambi played with her nails), what got me was the fact that he brought up her new man.

“She up here claiming she with her baby daddy and everything all good and all of that, shawty you ain’t even seeing him. You’re trying to fake the funk!”

Now, the whole thing was troubling, but I was especially taken aback by the fact that he mentioned her new partner and whether or not they’re actually in a real relationship. That has nothing to do with their co-parenting relationship, getting along for Emani’s sake, or Bambi and Erica burying the hatchet to allow Emani’s family dynamic to be as healthy as possible. It’s one thing to be a little sour with her about child support issues, but they just seemed resentful and insecure. It came off as though Scrappy was throwing shade at her happiness, which has nothing to do with him, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be happily married and focused on his family with Bambi. And as for Bambi, she seems like she doesn’t want improved communication because she’s concerned Erica will take Scrappy away from her.

It’s been years, guys. Scrappy and Erica literally called it quits in 2013. Children have been born (three), relationships have come and gone, and a marriage has taken place. If Scrappy and Erica were mean’t to work it out and be together, they would have done so by now, so why the drama? Why the anger? Why the all-out lack of desire to even try and be civil to make their daughter happy? Maybe Scrappy is hoping if he rides his bitterness out until Emani’s 18th birthday, he will never have to deal with Erica again, but it’s not a fool-proof plan because he and his bride look, and are behaving, quite foolish.

I wasn’t the only one taken aback by his comments and behavior during the reunion. Hit the flip to see what Twitter had to say:

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