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Being isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to some unhealthy eating habits for many of us, especially women. It’s hard not to eat when you’re bored and food offers so much comfort throughout the day. If you want to get your body back on the healthier track, Mixhers is a brand you need to know about.

MixHers is a brand for women that was created by women and they provide the support our bodies need “from sun up to sun down.” Their mixes come in small packets called “pixie packs” that you can take anywhere and mix easily into your water.

If you struggle with managing your cravings, their “Hercrave” mix is perfect for you. It is full of all natural ingredients that help to control cravings, eliminate “mindless snacking,” and curb your appetite in between meals.  The flavors include mandarin orange and sour apple and each pixie pack is only 10 calories. It can be used anywhere from one to three times a day.

“Hercrave is a tool designed to naturally help with unhealthy cravings,” they pointed out in a social media post. “There is a difference between true cravings and unhealthy cravings caused by hormonal imbalance. If your hormones are imbalanced your body may no longer be working hand in hand with leptin, the hormone that tells your brain ‘I’m full!’ Hercrave works synergistically with your hormones to restore that body communication.”

During that time of the month, our appetites can be out of control along with the general discomfort of the menstrual cycle. To help ease these symptoms, MixHers offers the “Hertime” pixie packs. This zero-calorie mix helps to balance your hormones and relieve PMS symptoms like bloating, moodiness, cravings and fatigue. “Hertime” comes in the flavors strawberry lemonade and raspberry refresher.

These mixes are not only effective but satisfy my sweet tooth thanks to their fruity flavors. If you’re trying to cut down on sweet juices, these pixie packs can be a great replacement or decrease the cravings. When I felt like I wanted to grab a snack, I instead made a “Hercrave” mix instead to fight the temptation. It definitely helped me redirect my attention away from food. The one time it didn’t work was because I was actually hungry. The “Hertime” strawberry lemonade mix was definitely the tastiest out of the bunch.

Mixhers offers a plethora of these pixie mixes. Their “Herpower” mix is a energy supplement that helps to improve concentration, stamina, mind clarity and mental support. You can drink “Herpower” two to three times a day.  Their “Herimmunity” pixie helps to fight off pesky colds.  The”hergreens” pixie helps those who may not eat enough vegetables get their daily dose of greens  They also offer “herlove,” a supplement that helps to boost your sex drive and relieve anxiety.



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