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Gabrielle Union is fitness goals. No one can deny that her body is banging. And one thing about Gabby, she doesn’t mind stripping down for sex scenes. The wife, mom, and actress recently appeared on Jalen Rose’s podcast, Jalen Rose: Rennaisance Man, and she admitted that as long as her “a– is still sitting” she’s going to “flaunt it.” However, her family is less than thrilled about it.

When Rose asked Union how her husband, Dwyane Wade, deals with her sex scenes, she replied:

“He doesn’t.”

She went on to say that he’ll ask her whether or not she’ll be naked before watching each episode of her latest TV show, “L.A.’s Finest.”

“He’ll ask before each episode: ‘Are you naked in this one?’ Sometimes I forget, because we shot this stuff a year ago,” she admitted. “And we’ll sit there with the whole family, popcorn, and he’s like …”

Her sons also complain that they get teased at school about the spicy scenes.

“The older boys were like, ‘I am getting murdered at school,’ like with the sex scenes and all that,” she said before admitting that “As long as my a– is still sitting I’m gonna flaunt it. Everyone will just adjust.”

Ironically, she admits that if the shoe was on the other foot, she wouldn’t be able to deal with Dwyane if his job required him to engage in on-screen romances. In fact, she confessed to feeling a little jealous when he had a cameo in What To Expect When You’re Expecting and he had to perform a ballroom dance.

“I was like, ‘What is this, pasodoble? That cha cha looks a little mmmm’ … I know I couldn’t do it. God bless, he is better than me,” she said.

On a more serious note, Rose asked Gabrielle how she and Dwyane manage to maintain such a positive image in the public eye — despite having lived out very real drama like the rest of us. She admitted that their secret sauce is transparency.

“We’ve led with honesty and transparency that we have screwed up so many times along the way and we’re still screwing up,” she said. “You ain’t going to be able to tell me or him nothing about us that we haven’t already told you first.  That’s the only way that you can lead is with transparency and honesty and just truth.”

Taking things a step further, the actress said that she has no problem owning her mistakes – including ruining her first marriage.

“I screwed it up. I screwed up my first marriage terribly. I screwed up so many relationships because I hadn’t done enough work on me. I hadn’t healed enough to be in anybody’s relationship, much less a whole marriage. But I lead with that. I put it in the book. I mention it in the press tours. I admit my mistakes first. I’m the biggest victim of me. Once you can name that dragon, you can slay that dragon,” she said. “People give us grace and compassion because we’ve shown you what’s behind the curtain. You’ve seen it all. You’ve seen the dirty drawers. There’s not much we can hide at this point. We just try to lead with love and transparency and people rock with us.”

Listen to her full interview below.

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