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expired beauty products

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Throwing away any sort of product is always a little painful because it’s like watching your dollars go into the trash can. Every razor, bar of soap, and stick of lipstick was acquired through your hard-earned money. If you don’t love your job, it becomes even harder to waste money because money is the one perk you get from your work. But, look, rich or poor, love your job or hate it, nobody enjoys wasting money, or products. That could be the reason so many of us hang onto things long past their shelf life. How many bottles of mostly empty shampoo do you have collecting mold in your shower caddy right now? How many jars of Tylenol do you have lying around from years ago ”just in case”? The problem is that the “just in case” you’re holding out for is nothing compared to what you can suffer if you use some products once they’ve expired.

Women in particular use a lot of goods that come in close contact with our bodies. And, by the way, studies have found that women’s versions of many products come with a higher price tag than the male ones, from razors to deodorants. It’s called “the pink tax”. And while it sounds cute, there’s nothing cute about shelling out more money because of your gender. And while that might push you to hold onto some things longer, you should also know when to throw these things out. Here are female products you should never use once they’ve expired.

expired beauty products

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While we don’t think of pads posing much of a health risk because they simply sit outside the vagina rather than going in like a tampon does, it’s still important to toss these out when they’re past their expiration date. Using an old pad can put you at risk of sanitary pad dermatitis, leaving your skin itchy and irritated. One study evaluating the chemicals used in major sanitary pad brands found xylene, which can lead to some health issues after extreme exposure, showed up in 11 leading brands. That’s just one of a handful of toxins the study found in pads. While this product is formulated with safe levels of these items, it’s unknown what can happen when they’re past their prime.

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