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If you’ve been following social media lately, you may have run across somebody you know talking about or doing the #BussItChallenge. I was made hip to it this week and found myself quickly falling down a rabbit hole of videos, hyping up women at 4 a.m. whom I will never meet as they transformed from baggy sweats and hair bonnets into the baddest women on the Internet. And you know how these before and after challenges spread like wildfire (i.e., “Don’t Rush Challenge” for example), so it didn’t take long for it to be everywhere. A formidable example is Shelah Marie, wife of rapper Ace Hood and expert yogi, who got a little assistance from her husband:

Nothing beats Monica‘s hilarious take on the challenge, though:

What began on TikTok with help of user Erika Davila has become the hottest new dance challenge that even celebrities are doing. It started though, with rapper Erica Banks. Her song, called “Buss It,” is the catchy and risque tune being played with every challenge, helping her song go viral. Banks has shared some of the challenges done by big names, and has celebrated all of the attention the song has received.

She’s also brought attention to the fact that when the song first came out last summer, people weren’t as supportive. A number of individuals accused the DeSoto, Texas native of being a Megan Thee Stallion knockoff, and the fact that she is signed to Meg’s former label, which she’s been in legal battles with recently, Carl Crawford’s 1501 Entertainment, didn’t help.

So while she’s received a lot of love lately, Banks took to her Instagram Stories to let it be known that she didn’t forget.

“It’s funny to see some of y’all who was talkin sh-t months ago, droppin that #BussItChallenge,” she wrote followed by laughing emojis on Tuesday. “y’all had a change of heart huh?” She finished her thoughts with a clown emoji.

The ShadeRoom saw her InstaStory and shared a video with it that showed people during a club appearance looking less than enthused during her performance of the song. And while people said she was being ungrateful by bringing that up, can’t blame someone for being able to differentiate new genuine support from fake love.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Banks, who is getting all sorts of interviews now, talked about people who said her sound is a rip of Meg’s.

“It’s definitely where I’m from. I just have a southern sound or an accent,” she said. “It just comes from us being from the same area. And that’s where a lot of people get the whole ‘Oh, she sounds like Megan.’ We do sound similar in the way that we say things, however, we don’t sound like identical twins.”

As for being the big act on 1501 following Megan’s departure, she said she wasn’t concerned about the pressure to have similar success to the “Body” rapper.

“I don’t worry about that just because I know what I’m capable of as an artist,” she said. “And I have a lot that you know, I’m going to accomplish so I don’t ever worry about, ‘Oh, am I gonna be able to do what this person did or what that person did’ because I’m more than sure that I’ll be able to do, if not more than what some of these people did [sic] definitely be able to do what they’ve done.”

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