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Deb Antney at a radio Radio Interview doubled down on her Trump support during a new episode of GUHHATL airing at a bad time

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star Deb Antney is making headlines for doubling down on her Pro-Trump beliefs in the latest season of the show. In a clip from tonight’s episode, Deb shocked her son Waka Flocka and rapper Da Brat after confirming to the two rappers that she supports Donald Trump.

At the beginning of the clip, Deb calls her fellow castmate Da Brat, to figure out whether or not the rapper will be attending a political luncheon she’s holding. When Brat questions why she would go, Deb tells her that her interest in politics is more now than they’ve ever been. When Brat asks her to confirm whether the rumors that she supports Trump are true, Deb has no problems telling her how she feels.

“I mean to ask you about that too, are you down for Trump?” Brat asked.

“Right. Yes!” Deb answers firmly.

Brat, whose disbelief can be heard through the phone, asks Deb, “Why? What is up with that?”

“Because, what you see is what you get,” the entertainment manager replies. “He could be ghetto, he could be everything it is that people say. I don’t know why we beefin’ with it. ‘Cause that’s how the hell we do it, and everybody beefing with it. That man is who he is and there’s no hidden agendas.”

In Brat’s confessionals, she had a lot to say about Deb’s support of Trump. To her, even though other stars have come out in support of the president, supporting Trump in the hip-hop world and overall is taboo. She doubted people would even believe that Deb was being serious.

In one of the confessionals, Brat said, “I have no idea how in the hell Deb supports Trump. Like I really just felt like she was in a dream and she was just speaking Swahili or some language I don’t understand ’cause I don’t get how you support him. He can’t run a country,” she said with a shrug at the end.

After getting off of the phone with Brat, Deb continued the conversation with Waka. When the rapper suggested that his mother is making his life hard because he didn’t know how his wife would take the news about her being a Trump supporter, Deb got defensive. She was quick to tell him, “we all have our own opinions.”

“Trump with me is really not even policies and procedures and all the political stuff,” she said in her confessional. “What you see is what you get, that’s what I like about him. Even if he gon’ screw you, you gon’ know he getting ready to do it. That’s my kind of person.”

“And besides that, we’re in America. America is not politics, America is business,” she added. “I’m not the least, do you hear me? Bit worried, about my reputation. Because by me liking Trump make you not like me, [you] ain’t never liked me from the beginning.”

Deb’s support of Trump first made headlines back in December 2020. Previews of the then-upcoming season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta showed Deb’s loyalty to Trump being a big part of the season. Co-stars were seen having all sorts of reactions to Deb’s dramatic declarations supporting Trump, from shock to disappointment and confusion.

Her attempts to justify her loyalty to Trump only seem like they’re going to get more intense as the season goes on, especially for viewers when we finally get to see how her pro-Trump luncheon really went down. Even though many think the hip-hop manager is wrong, Deb’s clearly a woman who stands by her convictions, no matter how ironic they end up being.

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