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K. Michelle has a lot of people asking questions about the “new look” she had on her Instagram Live recently. A screenshot of the singer has been circulating on Twitter since the Live happened on December 15th, with users being confused as to why the singer was nearly unrecognizable. But K. Michelle has since posted a video of herself on Twitter, seemingly confirming the woman on IG Live was indeed her.

In a tweet posted on December 16th, now with over 4,300 Quote Tweets and 35,000 Likes, user @MotorCityVIXEN posted a screenshot of K. Michelle doing the Live stream on her @kmichellemusic Instagram account where the singer appeared to look much different from her regular self.

There were a variety of responses in the replies, with some wondering if K was just using a filter, or if this was simply how the singer looks without makeup. During the conversation, one user wrote, “It looks like K Michelle. You can tell that’s her. Y’all are so used to seeing her heavily contoured face when she wears makeup that y’all forgot what a regular looking woman looks like. I sometimes look like a completely different person when I contour my face”.

Meanwhile, another user, @Briscienega, said “Why y’all dragging k Michelle ? Her new face don’t look bad at all, just doesn’t look like her.”

In what seemed to be an effort to set the record straight, K. Michelle went on her own Twitter account to post a video of herself with the caption, “Me in selfie mode confirming that I am indeed myself.” In the video, Michelle doesn’t appear to be as altered as she did in the Instagram Live, lending credence to the idea that the mix up might’ve been due to a filter, bad lighting, no makeup, or any other theory fans might have had.

K. Michelle has modified her look quite a bit in recent years. In 2017, she went on Ebro in the Morning and shared she was in the beginning stages of her implant removal process. Explaining she got butt implants and silicone injections due to “insecurities.” K. Michelle went on to say getting plastic surgery “was a temporary bandage on some issues with me and it felt good at the moment. Now I just want to be me, who my mama made me. This thing is heavy and I want it off, and I want my butt back. I would tell my little girls, you might see some changes and some things you want to do to yourself, but think long and hard because this is what I did and this is what I had to do and spend all that money to reverse it just to get back to me.”

Following her butt implant removal surgery in January of 2018, K. Michelle received a blood transfusion after complications from another surgery in April of that year. Since then, she’s shared her updates with fans and followers, detailing her changing appearance.

At the beginning of this year, we chatted with the Love and Hip Hop star directly about where she was with her body transformation two years after her first silicone removal surgery. She told us, “I just try to take my time. I don’t go out a lot and party and stuff like that. I keep it real simple.”

Most recently, in an Instagram post from November, she announced she was finally done with all of her silicone removal surgeries, saying, “Surgery went well… I got my butt back the healthy way. My last butt was named Betsy, what should I name this one??????” She added in the caption, “My silicone removal and reconstruction is complete. I can twerk again with the knock knees.”

K. Michelle seems like she’ll continue to keep us guessing about her look, but we’re sure the artist would much rather us focus on the new country album on the way which is already making headlines too.

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