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working from home and productivity

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Don’t you wish you could buy motivation in a bottle? And every time you felt depleted of it, you could just take a little sip of the stuff. You have enough to do without having to generate your own motivation. On top of that long list of tasks, now you have to add one more: finding the energy to even get those done.

If you were someone who went into an office space before the pandemic, and now find yourself working from home, you may find that motivation is even harder to come by. In an office, you were surrounded by people who were working towards the same goal, and you weren’t surrounded by distractions like utility bills and floors that need sweeping. Commercial offices are also built strategically, with clever design elements made to help you focus. Your living room, with its soft accent pillows and music piping in from the neighbor’s party is not designed for that.

Many of us are in the same predicament now and everybody could use a little assistance finding that boost of energy. Momentum is harder to build when the world is on pause, but it isn’t impossible. Here are ways to boost motivation when you’re working from home.

working from home and productivity

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Lump certain tasks together

No matter what you do for a living, you likely have several regular tasks that fall under different categories. You may have administrative tasks, but then you also have creative tasks. You have phone calls to make each day, then you have time when you work quietly, alone. Lump these tasks together. Say, you do the creative tasks from 9am to noon. You do the administrative stuff after lunch, until 3pm. You do your phone calls from 3pm to 5pm. Switching gears is tiring on the brain, so lumping together similar tasks minimizes the times you have to do that.

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