Dumb Excuses To Not Wear A Mask, Busted

June 23, 2020  |  
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wearing a mask explained

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To wear a mask or not to wear a mask – that seems to be the question on everybody’s mind right now. I don’t really understand how or why it’s a question. Wear one. Okay, I know, simply yelling at people on the Internet to do something rarely gets results. I am not going to demonize those who aren’t wearing masks. I know a lot of people are right now. And even though I feel very passionately about the mask issue, I know that those who don’t wear them don’t do so because they want people to die or get sick. They don’t go out, mask-less, thinking, “I hope I infect somebody and I don’t care about other humans.” It’s mostly a misunderstanding or pseudoscience that makes them feel justified in going out bare-faced. And, look, I get it: wearing a mask every time you leave your house isn’t ideal. If you haven’t gotten COVID-19 or haven’t witnessed someone you love suffer and/or die from it, it can feel almost like…it doesn’t exist. It can feel, at least, very difficult to be motivated to wear a mask. But I implore you to look up the stories of those who have lost someone, or lost their lives, to the illness. That should make you more inclined to cover up your nose and mouth. In addition to that, here are excuses not to wear a mask, busted.


It gets too hot

Well, having your face be warm for a little while is nothing compared to potentially getting or giving COVID-19. Think of it as an opportunity to open up those pores and sweat out some impurities. And if you really can’t stand it, you can always wear a face shield, which doesn’t sit directly on your face, to give your skin some air.

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