She Tried It! Sally Hansen Microwavable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax Kit

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Sally Hansen Wax Kit

Source: Sally Hansen / Sally Hansen

Quarantine life presented me with a variety of grooming struggles so after I figured out how to manage my new growth while on lockdown, the next step was finding a way to remove facial hair and wax my eyebrows at home. To be fully transparent, I was just going to wait out the facial hair situation because I really didn’t think it was that bad, but literally, every time I Facetimed my mother, she bluntly told me I needed to do something about my mini beard. Even then, I thought she was exaggerating until I looked across the kitchen table one day and saw my husband nodding in agreement after overhearing her commentary. At that point, I told myself maybe my chin hairs really were in danger of reaching grown man beard status, so I decided it was time to intervene.

After searching Amazon for a solution, I came across the Sally Hansen Microwaveable Eyebrow, Lip & Face Wax Kit. The reviews seemed to check out and the pricing was great ($6) so I decided to give it a try. The kit comes with a 1.25 oz jar of microwavable wax, a .05 oz bottle of Extrasoothe Aftercare Lotion to be applied after waxing, a wooden mixing stick, mixing wand, and eyebrow guides. The directions are printed really small and they’re a little difficult to follow at first so I would recommend sitting down to read them thoroughly when you have time; however, they’re pretty simple to follow.

First, I chose to wax my chin. The directions recommend applying the wax in the direction the hair grows and removing the wax in the opposite direction. It was fairly easy and painless and my chin was left smooth and hairless. Next, I attempted to wax my top lip, which wasn’t as simple. I generally don’t get my top lip waxed so that could explain why it was a little more painful, but once I got over the initial discomfort, it was fine. I was most impressed by the fact that I was able to clean up my eyebrows. I never thought that of myself as a person who would be capable of doing her eyebrows at home but it was fairly easy and I didn’t have even to use the eyebrow guide.

Sally Hansen wax before/after

Source: Jazmine Thompson / Jazmine Thompson

Once I was done, I followed up with the Extrasoothe Aftercare Lotion. It’s been a few days and I haven’t experienced any irritation, which is impressive since that’s a complaint I typically have when I get my face professionally waxed.  What I also really appreciate is that the applicator wand is heat sensitive and will read “ready” when the wax reaches a good temperature for application. If it’s too hot, the “ready” indicator disappears, which definitely helps to prevent burns. Because the wax and jar are microwavable, it’s extremely convenient and there is no need for strips because you are able to peel off the wax immediately after application.

Despite the fact that the country is slowly reopening, I still have concerns about reentering public spaces like hair and nail salons too quickly so this kit definitely came in handy.

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