Youch! Amazing Tricks That Make Waxing Less Painful

May 5, 2015  |  
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Summer is coming. For ladies who would rather wax, it doesn’t have to be a season of pain…

Never Wax On Your Period

Your skin is extra sensitive starting from five days before your period and going to the very last day of it. Your tolerance for pain is highest about three or four days after it starts.

Invest In Numbing Cream

Rub it in 30 minutes before it’s time to rip and you’ll have a much less painful experience.

…And Take Some Advil Too

While the cream takes the sting out of the initial wax, the Advil will take away the pain that lingers later. A pill or two 30 minutes before your appointment should do it.

Focus On Small Sections

A few square inches at a time is enough. Trying to wax one long strip at once sounds efficient, but it’s actually much more painful. Plus, if the wax starts to harden you won’t remove the hair from the root.

Stretch First

Getting a Brazilian? The more flexible you are, the faster the esthetician will be able to go. Hey, it’s a great reason to take up Yoga.

Only Warm Wax “Down There”

When it comes to the sensitive bikini zone, it’s best to let the wax cool down. If it’s too hot, you can actually take a painful strip of skin away along with the wax.

Pop In Your Headphones

Did you know that listening to music actually reduces pain? Soothing sounds make pain feel less painful, and music is probably a great distraction. A little trap music may put you in the fighting spirit to get it done quick.


Dead skin can trap hairs, which means another pass with the wax will be necessary. Exfoliate first and you’ll get done a lot quicker.

Trim Down To 1/4 An Inch

Longer hairs will get a painful yank but won’t come out by the root, requiring another pass with the wax. If it’s too late to trim, ask your esthetician for a quick snip.

Put Some Lotion In The Fridge

It will feel amazing on your freshly waxed parts once they start to throb.

Get Into Some Aftercare

A (refrigerated!) toner and a cold compress will feel amazing right after the deed is done. At a salon? Ask your esthetician if she has any of those things on hand.

Stop Shaving

Waxed hair grows back with a natural taper making it easier to wax again down the line. Choosing to shave and pull out those blunt hairs will hurt more.

Let It Breathe For 24 Hours

Tight clothes will only irritate skin that has recently been waxed. Same goes for scented lotions.

Hold Tight

One-handed rips are a no-no. Use one hand to pull your skin taut, away from the strip. Then use your other hand to pull the strip off quickly. Pulling wax off of taut skin hurts a lot less!

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