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During a recent episode of The Real from last Friday, the co-hosts had Girl Chat and discussed the claims that being quarantined and bored at home could lead to a baby boom by the end of 2020. When asked by Loni Love if any of the ladies were busy getting it in in the hopes of conceiving a ‘rona baby, Adrienne Houghton was the only one to say she was actively trying. She’s not only hoping for a quarantine kid with husband Israel Houghton, but has everything ordered, thought about and planned to make it happen.

“Let me let you know. We are hard at work [laughs] to make it happen,” she said. “I’m taking this quarantine very seriously. I’ve ordered pregnancy tests on Amazon, I even got ovulation sticks and yeah, we are hoping for a quarantine baby. I will cheers to that.”

When asked by Amanda Seales if she worries about bringing a child into the world when it’s unclear when the pandemic will pass and how the healthcare system will be impacted by it, she said no.

“Trust me, I’ve thought all about it. You guys know I like to plan ahead and I have somewhat of a control problem. But, I have absolutely thought about it,” she said. “The baby’s birthday would be in January of next year and so I have already pre-planned. I know this sounds crazy but I’ve even tried to read and educate myself to prepare for a home birth, a water birth in the tub, how I would possibly get a midwife and have them tested.”

Until then, she’s ready to make this thing, and by thing I mean child, happen. She has been taking her prenatals and been doing her research. Most importantly though, Adrienne is leaning on her faith.

“I’m on it. We gettin’ on folic acid, you know what I’m saying? I’ve got everything I need and I’ve just been reading a lot even about what I should be eating, obviously, having a plant-based diet and what that would be like for a pregnancy,” she said. “Trust me, I have thought it out. And this is my thing. This has really been comforting to me because someone on my [Instagram] Live asked me am I not afraid to be bringing a child into the world during these crazy times. And obviously, people know this has been a long journey for me, and if God allows me to get pregnant in this time, then it’s in His will. That’s number one. My faith is what leads me first and foremost. And then the second part is, guys, people have been having babies for centuries without all the high-tech stuff we’ve had for years. Without any, hopefully if I can have a natural birth, not having a C-section but vaginally, that would be amazing. And then like that, maybe I could maybe do it without drugs, but again, you guys, we are not the first people to ever have babies. They’ve been doing this for centuries. Our ancestors did it before us, we can pray that we can do it as well. I’m just having faith and believing that I can make it work.”

She literally toasted to her plans with a glass of wine.

“It’s some juice! I don’t know nothin’ yet,” she said. ‘I actually also heard that people are more likely to get pregnant when they’ve been drankin’.”

Adrienne has been very forthcoming in terms of sharing her journey to motherhood ever since she announced a few years back that she was hoping to expand her family with Israel in 2018.

“I have my sister and all these incredible mothers around me that are also pursuing their dreams and remind me that it is possible to have it all and do it all,” she said at the time of juggling her many jobs with being a parent someday. “To be a working mom… to me that would be the greatest success of my life.”

Israel already has six children. Four of those kids are from his relationship with ex-wife Meleasa, and two others were conceived from an outside relationship during that marriage.

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