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Recently, Loni Love appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast. If you’ve heard about the platform, it’s a very sex-positive place where women speak about sex and sexuality openly. And even though Loni is on daytime television, her appearance on the show was no exception. She shared an interesting little tidbit about her boo James Welsh and the fact that when they were first having sex, he was doing such a great job, she forgot that he was White.

The conversation started with a discussion on noise level during sex.

Loni said, “I’m not loud. I used to be.”

Then she spoke about how things have gone down since she got with James.

“My thing is this—everybody knows I used to be happily single for a long time, then I started dating a guy. His name is James and he’s White. When we first started dating, one of the first times we started having sex, we did it from the back, right? And I looked back like, ‘Who is the f*cking White man?!’ I actually do forget.”

But apparently, the bedroom isn’t the only place where Loni has a lapse in memory when it comes to James’ race.

“We’ll be out sometimes and Alex, my assistant, he knows. James will wave and smile. And I’m like, ‘Who is that White man?!’ Oh! That’s James!”

Angela Yee asked her if she allows James to be…aggressive in bed.

“Can he call you b*tch or stuff?”

Loni said, “Nah, no, no, no, no no. We don’t do no master/slave sh*t. I like to be called Ms. Love…Devereaux.”

In terms of what they do discuss in the bedroom, Loni said it’s not much.

“He already know what I like. I do all that talking pre. That’s what you talk over when they buying you dinner. This is what I like. What do you like? Okay, let’s try it.”

Angela Yee asked her what she likes in bed.

“I like to start off with a massage. Get that Johnson’s baby oil and oil me down. That way, when he get on top of me, he sliding already. So it gets me going. Rub the areas the massage people ain’t supposed to rub. An erotic massage, that’s’ what I like. And then wham bam. Then we got six minutes of pumpin cuz he 50. We got four minutes left, he can get me some orange juice. I get a massage, I get dick and orange juice. It’s great…I’m 48, he’s 52 so it’s different. When you get in your forties, sex is different. You know what you want, you can tell the person how to hit it. I just feel like you appreciate it more.”

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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