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Keyshia Cole and O.T. Genasis

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If it’s one thing I can say about this quarantine time, is that it’s provided space and opportunity for all of us to have conversations that we might not have had with one another. We’ve seen that when it comes to celebrities as well. In my mind, I might not have thought to put singers Ari Lennox and Keyshia Cole together.

But the two singers got together to chat on Instagram Live. And while Keyshia seemed a little hesitant, she eventually spoke about the ongoing situation with rapper O.T. Genasis making a cover of her song Love and then acting a complete ass when she shared that she didn’t appreciate it.

It began with a conversation about violence.

Keyshia: In Atlanta though, you can have them thangs. You got to show the police if they pull you over. I wouldn’t do that now because the police be they just get to shotta shotta, blocka blocka.

Ari: Okay?! As soon as they see a Black person, it’s over.

Keyshia: That’s why I was so…like honestly—I’m just not going to talk about that situation—but it just pissed me off so much because you know, at a time that everybody was going through so much in the Black community, getting killed and all that and you want to do a whole song that I wrote about love and make it about shooting and killing and bang-banging. Like Yoooo, sir. And then get mad that I say that I don’t like what you did that I wanted to preserve the integrity of my music. And then just bully and bully and continue to bully.

Ari: It just shows that this evil entity from jump did not have your best interest at heart, at all. The way he’s acting now, it just shows this was a disgusting, evil piece of sh*t. He did not give a f*ck at all about your legend and your discography and everything you’ve offered to the world. It just shows. Trust me.

Keyshia: I just don’t understand why it feels like—I was just having a conversation with MC Lyte—she’s such a sweetheart. And I was just saying how it felt like I was so unprotected. Not even just in the light of ‘Ok it don’t matter what nobody say. You can just ignore it. Save your piece and call it a day.’ But it was more so like the more that I tried to speak up for myself or say how I didn’t like something, it was like no, ‘You come from the hood. You really ain’t sh*t. Your mom was on drugs your whole life.’ You don’t really have a right to feel what you feel about what you’ve created. Lighten up. Why are you taking everything so seriously? It was just a joke.”

Ari: No, it’s not. And I stood by everything that you said. People are disgusting. Sometimes we can be alone when we stand up for what we feel is right. Like, it’s our sh*t.

Keyshia: Cuz you took it too far. Why would you even go there?

Ari: He should have bowed down gracefully and respected the fact that you said no and it should have been the end of that. Is this the only record that this man felt like he could have made in life? He’s just a lame.

Keyshia: That’s the cold part. I actually tried to get in touch with him though a few people I know in the business. Like, ‘Do you know this guy? Is he okay? Is he stressed out?’ It should have been moreso like ‘My agenda didn’t fit your agenda. I apologize for that. I didn’t mean no disrespect when I did it.’ Then it would have just been the end of that. But you know how it be.

Ari: He seems soulless.

Keyshia: Yeah, I’m glad it’s over.

You can watch a clip from that portion of their conversation in the video below.

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