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Ari Melber Visits The Breakfast Club With DJ Envy, Angela Yee & Charlamagne tha God

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Even though Charlamagne’s controversial interview with Gucci Mane happened last year, the consequences of it are still being felt between him and his The Breakfast Club co-hosts, specifically Angela Yee.

The radio personality and Lip Service host did an interview recently with Claudia Jordan for her Fox Soul show Out Loud, which is currently filming virtually. During the conversation, which included fellow Fox Soul personalities Mike Hill and Donny Harrell, she was asked about Charlamagne’s decision to interview Gucci solo after the rapper accused her of being behind his alleged banishment from The Breakfast Club and proceeded to call her and DJ Envy out of their names. She said she just would have never done something like that to him because some things, including getting views and a lot of attention for interviews, are not as important to her as they are to him.

“Morally there’s a lot of things I would never do,” she said. “But everybody’s morals I guess aren’t on the same level.”

When asked about whether or not the incident created tension between herself and her popular co-host, she admitted things admittedly look off between them because they aren’t close.

“I think the reason that happened was probably because we’re not like friends,” she said.

This was a surprise to Jordan and her co-hosts because one would assume that after 10 years of working together, they would have fostered a friendship.

“I wouldn’t call us friends. I think friends are people that you’re like, I talk to this person outside, I hang out with them. Everybody’s not your friend,” she said. “Some people are people that you are acquaintances with, some people are people you work with, some people are family members, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re friends with each other.”

With that in mind, them not being friends even before the Gucci drama, the 44-year-old said she didn’t find his decision to do the interview “shocking.” Still, she let him know where she stood about it soon after.

“We had a conversation at work and he basically said he don’t think there was anything wrong with it, and I can’t force anybody to be like, ‘Well, that wasn’t the best idea,'” she said. “But if he thinks that’s cool, I can’t speak for him. People just have different levels of like, this is what I would and wouldn’t do.”

And when it comes to what she would and wouldn’t do, Angela reiterated that interviewing someone who disrespected Charlamagne and sitting back and laughing at that disrespect is something she would not take part in.

“Just on the record, I would never do nothing like that, and I said it,” she said. “Even after all this, I just wouldn’t do that still, to this day.”

It’s unclear if things will get better between them and if they care to work towards improvement. Something else that’s unclear is whether or not either party will stick with The Breakfast Club past 2020. When asked recently if they signed new contracts, Charlamagne said, “Aw naw, I’m not re-upped,” while Angela said she wasn’t sure of what the future would bring, but wanted to keep her options open.

“It’s renegotiation time. I wanted the shortest contract possible,” she said. “You never know if something else happens, who wants to be stuck if that’s not… Who knows?”


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