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As a society, we often have this debate about whether celebrities are role models are not. There are those who argue that people in the public eye shouldn’t be role models particularly for young children and teens. That the people around them, parents, family members, teachers etc. should be the ones they look to for guidance.

And then there are those who understand that with the power and influence today’s celebrities have, it’s impossible for young minds not to be influenced by what they say and do.

I’m of the mindset that while every celebrity shouldn’t be a role model, you can’t tell people how to perceive you and your actions. Some will find them abhorrent and others will be inspired. And at the very least, it’s a celebrity’s job to at least consider that role when they do anything in the public eye.

But for as much as they are revered, celebrities are just people. And people are prone to missteps and mistakes.

Recently singer Summer Walker and her producer boyfriend London Holmes, known professionally as London On Da Track recorded themselves in what I guess they thought was a joking manner.

In the video, London grabs Summer’s neck. When she tells him that it hurts, he doesn’t let go. She explicitly uses the word stop. And he doesn’t let go. Instead, he tells her to tell him that she loves him. She complies, “I love you. Get off me.” Even then, he doesn’t let go. He seems to tighten his grip—bringing her closer to him before saying, “Give me a f*ckin’ kiss.”

Whether they’re playing or not, the video left a strong impression with folks who felt that it was inappropriate to share, alarming, clout-chasing or flat out abusive.

Then there were those who believe this was just fun and games and no reason for alarm.

I don’t play like this. But I know people that do. And that’s their choice. But with domestic violence being the issue that it is, all over the world, the very least these two could have done was kept this image of his hands around her throat from off of the internet.

See what people had to say about this video on the following pages.

There were several people who felt that London’s actions on camera were a direct reflection of what goes on between these two when cameras aren’t present. This person considered this flat out domestic violence mostly because when Summer asked him to stop, he continued, unfazed by the pain she seemed to be in.

Months ago, people were in an uproar about the fact that Summer Walker had an altar with candles and herbs on it. While some people who understood that this spiritual practice is not inherently anti-Christian etc, there were those who called Walker some type of witch. If they believe that about her, then there’s a good chance that London wouldn’t stand a chance attempting to fight her.

Apparently, there were those who had concerns about London’s treatment of Summer long before this video surfaced online. I don’t know much about their relationship, aside from the gifts they’ve given each other.

Apparently, people heard the controlling way he was speaking to her and it caused some people to raise red flags about their relationship. There are even people who speculated that Summer got her nose done because of a “potential injury” caused by London.

When I first saw the video of Summer and London it was on The Shade Room. They posted it without commentary. Instead, they posted it under their “boo-ed up” banner, celebrating couples. And given the nature of this video, it shouldn’t have been presented as such. Thankfully, more than a few people called them out for being irresponsible.

There are claims that in addition to fans remarking on London’s controlling nature, Summer herself has used the word to refer to her boyfriend. They spoke about the power dynamics in their relationship given the fact that Summer has utilized his skills as a producer in growing her catalog and brand as an artist.

Another reason the video was so irresponsible to post was because there are so many women who have found themselves in similar situations and their partners weren’t joking.

For every time a Black woman does something to upset the Black community, there is a unified outcry condemning her actions. But when Black men perform questionable acts, Black men in power don’t seem interested in saying much. My only hope is that someone, somewhere has contacted London on the low to say that he needs to do better.

Whatever energy is present that has these two posting this type of behavior online, it needs to be cleared all the way out.

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