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Who is out there watching “Love Is Blind?” I see you. You know it’s a show that you love to hate and hate to love. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s essentially a reality show in which people get engaged without ever having seen each other—only having spoken to each other—and only meet for the first time after getting engaged. Then, they are married within weeks. Or they aren’t. Most couples take it as far as the aisle but, at that point, some say “I do” and some say “I don’t.” While the entire concept is, quite frankly, terrifying and probably really irresponsible, I did learn some things from the show. It’s such a heightened version of what people do experience on their wedding days. Some couples felt surprisingly calm (of course, none of them should since they don’t know each other) while others woke up practically with hives. I was able to accurately guess, just based on the way they started the day of their weddings, which couples would and wouldn’t wind up tying the knot.


How you feel on your wedding day says a lot, but we look at it in the wrong ways, I feel. It’s kind of alarming the way we normalize things like cold feet and butterflies. Or how we think it’s totally normal for the bride or groom to drink two bottles of champagne just to get the nerve to make it down the aisle. How about all the day-of drama? We see brides and grooms losing it over a small mistake, like the caterers delivered the wrong appetizers or the flower girl’s dress got a tiny stain on it. If one small thing like that could “ruin” the day for the betrothed parties, that’s not a great sign. Here’s how you should actually feel on your wedding day.


You woke up together

Unless you want for some ceremonious reason to go off and spend the night before the wedding apart, shouldn’t you wake up in the same place as your partner because you live together or already spend most nights together? It shouldn’t feel like you’ve had separate lives until this very moment and today, on your wedding day, are being delivered to your groom like some sort of exotic gift. Most of your moments leading up to the big day should have been together anyways.

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