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The women of “The Real,” made a very strong point a couple of weeks ago. For all of the rumors and speculation surrounding Lori Harvey, many of us don’t even know what her voice sounds like. Personally, I’d never heard it. I don’t know anything about her other than the men she may or may not have been connected to, romantically.

But recently, Lori, who is a brand ambassador for fast fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, sat down with the host of their podcast, Nat O’Leary to discuss quite a few things. Given that she’s not known for doing interviews, it was interesting to learn more about her life.

Check out the interesting bits on the following pages.

Started Modeling at 3

“My first job—so I’m originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Fun fact. That’s where I was born. So Memphis is super small. There was this little shopping center and there was this store called Cotton Tails and so I just remember going in there when I was little and meeting the store owner. They had this town newspaper and I modeled for them and it got printed in the newspaper. And it was really cute. And we hung it in my grandparents’ house.

A Former Equestrian With A Devastating Injury

Actually, I used to ride horses competitively. I did show jumping so that’s what I wanted to do for my career. I wanted to ride competitively. I wanted to go to the Olympics. I had this whole plan and then I think when I was 18, I got into a really bad accident. I tore my ACL and broke my lower back. So that was kind of the end of my riding career. So then I went back into modeling.

Healing Mentally and Physically

It took a while for it to process for me. I just was like, ‘As soon as I heal, I’m going to go right back.’ But after talking to the doctors and talking to my parents, they were like, ‘You can but if you fall like that again, you might not get back up and walk.’ So after that, they were like you need to figure something else out. I was like, ‘Ok. I think I’ll try modeling again.’

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Happy National Siblings Day ❤ #nationalsiblingday

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A Tomboy

My mom is like the ultimate fashionista. She’s the one who introduced me to fashion. I used to be such a little tomboy. Because I grew up with my brothers. They watched wrestling and liked Pokemon so I was naturally into that. My mom was, ‘You act like a little boy. You need to girl it up a little bit.’ She was like, ‘I’m going to send you to charm school.’ They still make jokes like, ‘We should have sent you to charm school when you were younger.’ Because they feel like I just act too much like my brothers. And I’m like, ‘It’s fine guys.’

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Another shot from PFW 🇫🇷

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Favorite Place to Travel

I love Paris. Paris is one of my all-time favorite cities. The Maldives was insanely beautiful. I do no recommend going there with anybody you have to think about if you like them because there’s nothing to do there. So you’re going to get a lot of bonding time with this person so you really have to know if you like them. The water is insanely clear and it’s so warm. And fun fact you should go to the Maldives soon because it’s like sinking.

Her Jamaica Trip

Just recently for my birthday I went to Jamaica. That was actually my first time in Jamaica and I had the time of my life. I have a newfound love for Jamaica now. We had too much fun. I think the last day, which was actually my birthday, i said, ‘I want to have so much fun that I don’t know if you guys are having fun.’ That’s how much fun I want to have. And I overachieved that goal. Everybody was throwing up at the end of the night. Everybody was dead the next morning. Everybody trying to get on the plane was like, ‘Did you throw up?’ Yeah, did you throw up. Yeah.’ I have the best friends ever because they all cleared their schedules to come. I didn’t expect everyone to make it but they all made it.

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Brown Skin Girls 👑

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Rumors in the Media

It’s definitely frustrating. I think I’ve developed tough skin through it all. If someone wants to think the worst of you, they’re going to think the worst of you no matter what you say. You can’t defend a lie. I think it’s a lot of things that are false about me in the media because clickbait is very real. I think that’s one thing the public doesn’t understand. I don’t think there’s an article you can find about me that doesn’t have “allegedly” or “rumored” in it. Because there’s no confirmation and they don’t care to fact check. And they’re like if it’s going to make people click on it, it’s going to make us money and we’re going to print it. So that’s the frustrating part because you’re like actually dealing with someone’s real life. But they don’t care they just want the clicks and people will kind of believe anything. But my family knows what’s going on. My friends know what’s going on.

What she’d do if she weren’t living this life

I would be surrounded by horses on a ranch somewhere and back riding.

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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