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storage ideas diy

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I’ve been binge watching “Tiny House Nation” recently and have become obsessed with how they maximize space. Even living in a 1200-square-foot home, I still want to implement some of their ideas. Why not make your big home feel even bigger? Great storage solutions also allow you to make your space look as beautiful as possible, too. I think that when we have a lot of space, we can get in the habit of thinking, “I can be lax with the way I store things—I’ve got lots of room.” Suddenly, your home looks more like a warehouse than a thoughtfully decorated home. Just because you can put things all over the place, doesn’t mean that you should. Or, perhaps you have a minimalist partner, and if you don’t find a way to store things well, he’ll go nuts.


Making good use of the space and finding smart ways to store things can also mean that you don’t have to give away beloved belongings. While I don’t want to encourage any hoarding tendencies, I know that, when space is tight, sometimes people can be forced to give away things they actually still love and use, just because they don’t have the space to store them. But that simply doesn’t have to be the case if you know certain tricks to maximizing storage space.


Tiny homeowners have to be good at using every single inch of storage space. Necessity is the mother of invention, so those living in those teeny, tiny spaces come up with some pretty incredible ways to pack things away, without feeling like they’re living amongst clutter. While some of their tricks can require some power tools and perhaps a professional, it could be worth it if it means giving your home a sleek appearance and storing things in a way that feels functional and efficient. Some tricks are actually quite simple, and don’t require much effort. Here are tiny house storage tricks you can use in any home.

storage ideas diy

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Put storage in stairs

What are you doing with the space beneath your stairs? Probably nothing. There is a lot of wasted storage space under there. If your staircase is by your front door and you like to have a shoeless home, this could be a good place to store your shoes. But you can also put the many things you need, right before heading out the door, there, like sunscreen or dog leashes.

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