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best self defense objects

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Have you ever thought about what you’d do if someone tried to attack you in your home? Office? Car? At a café? Unless you’re someone who carries a weapon with you everywhere you go, you may find yourself feeling rather helpless. Nobody wants to think about such an attack even happening, but you’ve seen the news. You’ve opened your eyes and ears and heard the stories. Very few individuals who get attacked had any idea it was coming. When it occurs, you can become so frozen with terror—or simply be in denial that it’s even happening—that you just give up. But, you can familiarize yourself, right now, with common objects you have around you in your regular settings, that could actually be used as a weapon. You have more power than you think. And today, it’s important for women know how to take care of themselves. But it’s good to consider these items now, rather than improvise on the spot when a real incident occurs.

best self defense objects

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A letter opener

Letter openers are no joke, and if used to stab someone, could do some serious damage. While keeping a knife at your desk may not be allowed in your office, you likely have a letter opener nearby.

best self defense objects

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A cleaning product

If you don’t have mace on hand, any cleaning product in a spray bottle is useful. The stream of the spray at the person’s face will make them flinch and distract them while you get a chance to bolt. The chemicals could also harm their eyes.

best self defense objects

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Your belt

Your belt is a good weapon because it is long, so it can keep distance between you and the attacker, while still giving you a way to hit him. Aim for the face, and when you get a hit, just make a run for it while the attacker recovers.

best self defense objects

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A fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is quite heavy, when thrown as a blunt object, but could also really hinder an attacker if sprayed at him.

best self defense objects

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A toilet cover

Have you ever taken the lid off the back of a toilet before? It’s quite heavy. Should you find yourself in a restroom when an attacker enters, pick up the toilet lid and hit them with it.

best self defense objects

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The coffee pot

Even if the coffee pot is empty, you can quickly whack it to break it and create a jagged edge. You can use this to injure the attacker. If the coffee pot is full of piping hot coffee, even better—throw that at them.

best self defense objects

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A heavy book

Have any heavy textbooks nearby? Sometimes the best way to defend yourself is just to distract and hinder the attacker for a moment. Grab a heavy book, throw it at the attacker, and run.

best self defense objects

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Your heels

The bottoms of your heels can be quite sharp. If you are wearing tall, thin heels, grab one, and use the heel to hit your attacker.

best self defense objects

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A mug

Coffee mugs can also be very heavy, and cause some damage to your attacker. Aim for the head and, again, if you get a hit, just escape anyway you can.

best self defense objects

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Your beverage

Should your mug be full of a hot beverage, throw it at the attacker. If it’s truly hot, you’ll burn your attacker, seriously slowing him down. Even if your beverage is lukewarm, your attacker won’t know that until it hits him, and may flinch and cower in anticipation of a hot liquid.

best self defense objects

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A chair

The very chair upon which you sit can be a weapon. Pick it up and throw it at your attacker. It could hit him and hurt him, or it could land in front of him and trip him, giving you time to escape.

best self defense objects

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An ashtray

Ashtrays, like mugs, are solid and heavy. They’re also easy to throw, since they have a disc shape. Throw one directly at an attacker’s head.

best self defense objects

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A padlock

If you have a padlock nearby for a bicycle or your laptop, grab that and use it as a weapon.

best self defense objects

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A blanket or towel

Though it’s only a distraction tactic, and can only be used if the attacker is already very close, sometimes it’s your last resort. Grab a nearby blanket, towel, or sweater, and toss it on the attacker’s face to disorient him while you escape.

best self defense objects

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Aluminum water bottle

Today, aluminum water bottles have become pretty popular. If you don’t have one, perhaps a person nearby you does. They’re heavy and solid, and can certainly hurt someone if aimed at the face.

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