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Angela Yee and Gucci

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I think we can admit that the saga between rapper Gucci and radio personality Angela Yee has gone too far. For those who’ve missed it, the drama began when Gucci said blatantly suggested that Yee wanted to be with him, sexually. To quote him, he said that Angela was “on his dick.” Gucci was rather expressive in his denial and so the moment went viral.

That interview took place three years ago. But for whatever reason, Gucci is still talking about it. This time, in more graphic terms. In an interview with Charlamagne, he said:

“We couldn’t get passed that. F*ck that. Don’t never try me like that. Because she was flirting with me. I rejected you. I don’t want you. What you mad about? That sh*t wasn’t no big deal. Don’t try act like you didn’t do it. You did! She disrespected herself. Now she embarrassed. You tellin’ dude you want him to hit the bottom of that muhf*cka deep?! You tell a man your p*ssy deep for what? You know how these Asian girls are… You tell all celebrities that? She wanted to s*ck that muhf*cka back in the day…”

Gucci has a history of lying about his sexual relations with women. So a few people were wondering who was telling the truth.

Well, The Neighborhood Talk 2, pulled up the alleged clip from the conversation where Gucci made these claims. And there were some elements of his story that was true and some that definitely weren’t. Also, Gucci left out his own flirtatiousness in their conversation.

See how it went down in the transcript and video below.

Angela: He lost his wallet last night so he doesn’t have any ID.

Gucci: Too many people around me for somebody to take something from me.

Angela: I just took something from you, you didn’t even feel it.

Gucci: You can take it. Can you take it?

Angela: I’m sure. You know what they say about little girls, especially Asian ones.

Gucci: Fat pussy.

Angela: Is that what they say? I was going to say deep.

Gucci: I need somebody like you to keep me out of jail.

Angela: Heh. We’ll probably end up fighting.

Gucci: Are you single? Let me see your hand. No ring on there.

Angela: I heard you had a girlfriend. What about Keyshia Dior (Ka’oir).

Gucci: Yeah she was in my video. It’s a lot of bad women in my video.

Gucci: Eating grits will get that ass fat.

Angela: So Ima eat grits everyday. We’ll do an experiment.

Gucci: You start eating this, I won’t even be able to do this interview. You want half of this?

Angela: So what does it do to guys when they eat grits?

Gucci: Make their dick big. Like mines.

Angela: He must really have a big dick cuz he always says that.

Gucci: It is. You don’t want to put your hand in these pants.

Later, he told Angela that he was in love with her.

Like Angela Yee said, the Gucci we see today, is not the one she spoke to in 2009. Throughout the interview, he was sloppily shoving food in his mouth. He was “doughier” back then, his breathing was labored and his skin was ashen. He had a lot less appeal. Angela Yee did repeat a stereotype about Asian women and their vaginas. Personally, I don’t think it was an invitation, especially given the brand of Yee’s radio shows Lip Service and The Morning After. But I can see how someone could interpret it as such. Still, if we’re speaking about who was more flirtatious in this conversation, it’s Gucci. Hands down. So for him to say he rejected Angela Yee or that he didn’t want her…the receipts say otherwise.

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