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Basketball Wives season finale

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A big theme for just about every episode of Basketball Wives in Season 8, for me, has been hypocrisy. I’ve watched women who throw tables and bottles talk about aggression. I’ve watched people who’ve gone against family to fit in try and place blame on everyone but themselves for the broken state of their familial relationships. I’ve also watched a woman call out another woman for doing a lot less with her ex-husband than she did with another woman’s husband years ago.

But first, some quick background.

What we all saw happen in the season finale was that OG was made to look like a very dangerous individual because she was protective of friend Cece Gutierrez, whom Evelyn Lozada tried to attack the day before. Somehow that whole part of the day’s events were forgotten, though. Instead, it was OG’s anger and comments about being able to kill a couple of b—hes if she wanted to that had everybody feeling like she needed to be isolated from the group. It was Shaunie O’Neal who went out of her way to make that happen, not inviting OG to the final group lunch, but inviting everyone else.

When OG was told that she couldn’t attend the lunch, she spoke about that ever-present hypocrisy. She noted how they’re quick to condemn her but won’t say anything to Evelyn about her actual violent antics. Nevertheless, she cared not about the invitation she didn’t get. Cece didn’t intend on leaving her side and they were pleased with the way they’d defended themselves throughout the Costa Rican trip from hell. OG was especially proud that she shocked Evelyn by letting her know that sis might think she’s “ugly,” but her ex Chad Johnson thought differently.

Time to get to the good stuff.

So despite the mean girls  Malaysia Pargo, Kristen Scott, Feby Torres, Shaunie and Evelyn allegedly feeling uncomfortable around OG, they had no problem coming to the hot springs where she was relaxing to try and antagonize and embarrass her. Evelyn wanted to show everyone that Chad was barely responding to OG’s Twitter DMs (which she reached out to him to get), and show that her nemesis was “thirsty.” But little did Evelyn know that OG had her receipts ready, should the day ever come to put on blast the types of messages Chad was sending her.


It was a shock to all when she pointed out that the two met in 2011, which was when Evelyn and Chad were dating, and that he was flirting with her off and on throughout his short-lived relationship with Evelyn. Nevertheless, OG maintained that she never slept with Chad, nor did they have any inappropriate correspondences since they were flirty friends, but she certainly loved getting under Evelyn’s skin.

The mean girls ladies all looked on in disgust, calling OG a homewrecker in their confessionals and saying she was messy for going back and forth with Chad even when she was in a relationship with boyfriend Kwame. Evelyn, in her own confessionals, called her a groupie who came into the group knowing she had shared all types of messages with her hex-husband. She made it clear that OG was wrong and that the behavior was unseemly.


She should know, though. In Season 2 of Basketball Wives, after newbie Tami Roman was introduced to the group, Evelyn divulged that she had been intimate with Tami’s ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, when they were married, but didn’t immediately let her know that. When she decided to come clean because of the friendship they were building, Tami was extremely hurt. Tami told her it was wrong that she made her look like a fool by pretending to be cool with her, knowing she’d had sex with Kenny and carried on an affair with him for six months. Evelyn said she never knew that Kenny was married (if my memory serves me correctly, because Tami didn’t travel with him for games), so she didn’t know Tami was in the picture. In response, Tami told her there wasn’t a woman walking who didn’t know she was married to Kenny.

Instead of just owning that she’d hurt Tami, allegedly inadvertently, Evelyn didn’t have much remorse and got defensive. She said no one knew about Tami, eventually calling her a “non-motherf–kin’ factor” (and a b—h) in her own relationship.

Well, considering that OG and Chad had just started corresponding when Evelyn and Chad were only dating (and if you’ll recall, it was a short courtship before they became engaged), there’s a chance that OG didn’t know about Evelyn, especially since he told OG that he was literally dealing “with someone” at the time. Maybe if OG and Evelyn actually were able to hit it off, she could have told her about their messages to clear the air. Maybe Evelyn would have shrugged it off and thought about the ignorance she tried to claim about Tami’s marriage years earlier. But because Evelyn had spent so much time trying to make OG out to be the butt of the joke, she found out, in a very uncomfortable way, that her own ex-husband had been inappropriately texting OG when he should have been focused on her. The woman she tried to embarrass, embarrassed her. The abuser she worked hard to move on from, whom she contacted for petty reasons, continued to tell her half-truths. Yes, Evelyn found out, in quite the cringe-worthy way, that just as she called Tami Roman a “non-motherf–kin’ factor” in her marriage to Kenny, she may have been a “non-motherf–kin’ factor” in her own.

Life comes at you fast…

Now that that’s been said, hit the flip to see what everyone else had to say about the season finale of Basketball Wives, and OG and Evelyn’s beef:

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