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While taking some time away from Iris to meet up with a friend, we finally got to hear how Keith of Married at First Sight is truly feeling about her being a virgin, which has been a big topic of conversation since their wedding. While Keith has done a pretty good job of trying to be patient and supportive of what Iris needs, he is feeling kind of stressed — not about her virginity, but about the responsibility that could come with taking her virginity.

In a preview clip for Wednesday’s episode, Keith’s friend, who is unaware of Iris’ choice to save herself, inquires about how things are going for them in terms of intimacy. At first, Keith gives the impression that the pair not being physical is a mutual decision.

“Right now we’re still in the process of waiting. She’s still trying to feel me out when it comes down to it. I’m still trying to feel her out,” he said, before breaking the news to his friend.

“Oh yeah, she’s a virgin by the way.”

Not really sure this was information he needed to pass along to friends, but hey, they are on TV, so everyone was going to find out eventually.

When the friend asked how Keith was feeling about the fact that Iris was a virgin, he said he was initially shocked.

“It definitely took me back for sure.”

Those feelings changed, and at the time of filming this particular scene, he admitted he was feeling some pressure because he was worried about what would happen, and how he would feel, if he were to take Iris’ virginity and they don’t end up making it for the long haul.

“Being someone’s first is a big deal,” he said. “There’s always a possibility that our marriage doesn’t work out. I would feel terrible if I did take Iris’ virginity and then we broke up. That would be something that would forever be on my conscience.”

Keith’s friend though, who admitted he hadn’t heard of Keith going “that long without having sex with someone,” offered encouragement and told him that they should focus on building a friendship to help them have “that true connection.”

Keith agreed.

“That’s something we’re trying to build towards,” he said. “It feels more genuine that way.”

It’s good to hear that Keith is up for this challenge of sorts with Iris, especially when you consider that he seemed at his wit’s end in last week’s episode when Iris had a meltdown after being asked about sex.

“Seeing my wife cringe every time a sexual question comes up, it makes me feel like I’m a child again,” he said at the time. “Makes me feel like I’m back in middle school or something, but we’re not in middle school. We’re all adults, and these are important conversations that we have to have if we’re looking to have a successful marriage.”

We’re still rooting for these two, and for those necessary conversations we’re hoping they can finally have.

Check out Keith and his BFF’s conversation about intimacy below in this exclusive preview clip, and don’t say men don’t ever seek counsel from other men about their relationship issues…


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