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emotional vampire traits

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We all have one in our life: an emotional vampire. Maybe you didn’t even know that’s quite what the person was, but now that you hear the term, you get this little heat on the back of your neck or the hair on your arms goes up and you realize there is an emotional vampire in your midst. Don’t feel too terrible for letting one into your life. Like I said, we all have one (or a few) so it’s not just the weak or the naïve who let it happen. In fact, if you do have such a person in your life, it’s probably because you possess some very good traits, like you’re a good listener and you’re very empathetic. While good friends celebrate and nurture those traits in you, emotional vampires prey on them. They suck the life out of you, and they gain access to do so through those very traits of generosity and empathy. Here are signs of an emotional vampire. If you notice one in your life, it may be time to wear a garlic necklace. Or at least stop answering her calls. That’s a type of friend to be rid of. Luckily, unlike real vampires, emotional vampires don’t have eternal access to your home once you invite them in.


How are you never gets a simple answer

You can never just ask, “How are you?” and get a, “Pretty good!” or “I’m fine, thanks!” If you ask how this person is, you better buckle up for a detailed breakdown of every single thing that is currently bothering this person.

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