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On Monday night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, there was an interesting conversation had about whether or not women without children have the right to speak about other women’s choices as parents, even the questionable ones. During last night’s episode, Shekinah Jo, Sierra Gates and dancehall performer Spice met up to do some wine tasting and to catch up. Shekinah at one point brought up the fact that she hosted a relationships panel that featured Kirk and Rasheeda Frost, only to have it disrupted by their co-star, Atlanta rapper Akbar V (who is a woman in case you haven’t been watching). Akbar put on blast, at the event, that she and Shekinah had messed with the same guy in the past, a guy Akbar inevitably had a child with, and that Shekinah was jealous of her. Security had to escort Akbar out to keep things from getting violent.

In her frustration, while speaking about the event after the fact, Shekinah said that instead of coming to events she’s hosting attempting to create drama, Akbar should have been somewhere worried about taking care of the child she has with Shekinah’s ex.

“What she should have been doing was at home with that same baby that she had by him instead of being at Kirk and Rasheeda’s thing aggravating me,” she said.

Akbar, for the record, has five children; most of the kids live with their fathers and two others stay with her aunt while she tries to get her rap career going. Spice didn’t appreciate the comment about where Akbar should have been because she too has kids (two) that she left in Jamaica to work and make a better life for. Spice told Shekinah that even though she didn’t necessarily like Akbar either, she still shouldn’t talk about her kids.

Shekinah responded by saying she doesn’t know the kids to talk about them, but she knows that since Akbar wasn’t at work in the studio, but instead, was at an event trying to cause trouble with her, she certainly wasn’t at home taking care of them.

Still, Spice made it clear that she knows what it’s like being a single mom in the industry and it’s not easy. Because Shekinah has no kids, she felt it wasn’t her place to speak on Akbar’s parenting.

“Until Shekinah gets kids of her own, she needs to keep Akbar’s kids out of her mouth,” she said in the confessional.

“You’re not a mother, you don’t have kids, so don’t mention the girl’s kids,” she added at the wine tasting.

The comments about her not being able to speak on anyone else’s kids because she’s not a mother upset Shekinah. She walked out before returning to set things straight.

After speaking on having a god child that “I love dearly,” she revealed that she doesn’t have kids of her own because she made a choice not to bring kids into the world that she couldn’t properly care for.

“I had two abortions before because I wasn’t ready to have a baby. I was pregnant twice and I had two abortions. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of. I had an abortion because I was not ready to take on the responsibility of being a mother,” she told the ladies.

In her confessional, Shekinah said she got pregnant early in her life twice and did what she had to do, and she doesn’t regret it. She also used the situation to speak on the fact that Georgia’s strict “heartbeat” abortion ban is taking away women’s rights and we all need to be careful.

“It was years ago and I don’t feel sad. I prayed about it, I let it go,” she said to Spice and Sierra, apologizing for any confusion or offense brought on by her comment. “I wasn’t ready to take care of the kids. And I do understand where you’re coming from. I shouldn’t be speaking on nobody and their kids. I was out of line. I should not have said that about her kids.”

But was she out of line? That’s the question Twitter was trying to answer after watching last night’s episode. Hit the flip to see what people had to say:

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