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body image issues

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There is this dynamic arising amongst women that I really don’t like: women who don’t love their bodies criticize women who do. Wow. This one is a doozy. Here I was, thinking we were in an era of awakening of finally learning to love our bodies, but it turns out that, not only do many women still struggle with body-love (that isn’t the surprising part) but those who do have that struggle resent women who don’t. I’ve found myself, too often, feeling bad recently for liking my body. It’s not even like I think I’m God’s gift to mankind. I don’t take a bunch of bikini selfies for Instagram or anything like that. I’m just not plagued with fears and concerns about my body image. I worked really hard to get to this place mentally. I’ve come a long way from the eating disorder I had in my younger years to, today, really not equating my self-worth to my body. It’s a shame, but these are ways women make me feel bad for loving my body.

body image issues

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I’m scolded for never weighing myself

When I tell women I don’t know exactly how much I weigh, they laugh—in a sort of evil way and say—“Well good for you. Must be nice not caring what the scale says.” They sound sarcastic but…it is nice. Why am I in trouble for having a healthy relationship with the scale?

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