Ways You Should Still Flirt In Long-Term Relationships

June 6, 2019  |  
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The moment flirting goes out the window, all else may follow. Flirtation is that special element that separates your romantic relationship from your platonic ones (well that and sex, of course). A lot of the buzzing, electric energy you felt when you first got together was due to flirting. It was all about the potential of what would come next—the suggestion of sex and the heightening of sexual tension. When you’ve been together for a really long time, it’s easy to just let that slip away. You don’t feel you need to be mysterious and suggestive about sex. You can just say, “Should we bang before dinner? Or after?” Wearing something sexy in front of your partner can feel funny when he’s seen you in giant boxer shorts and that oversized, ratty t-shirt from college. But it is important to still keep that little magical dynamic alive. Here are ways you should still flirt, even in a long-term relationship.


Fawn over his outfit

If you think your partner just looks so cute in that outfit, obsess over it a little. Run your hands up and down his chest telling him how much that shirt brings out his eyes. Ask him to twirl around, because you think his butt looks so cute in those jeans. Make a big deal about it. It’s nice to make a big deal about each other.


Talk about sexy memories

Like that time you did it on the balcony of that hotel or the time you snuck off to have sex at that party. Talking about these memories will remind you how hot those experiences were, it will put you back in that mindset, and you may just want to recreate those times.


Ask him on a date

Ask your partner on a proper date. I know, I know—he’s already your man. But everybody likes to be wined and dined. Leave a little note on his desk, formally inviting him to have dinner with you at a certain time and place. Let him know what the wardrobe will be and when to be ready.


Initiate surprise sex

Break up your sexual routine—you know you have one if you’ve been together for a while—and initiate sex when he’s least expecting it. Just crawl on his lap while he’s at his laptop and start taking his pants off.


Wear something you know he likes

Do you have some item of clothing that you know drives him nuts? Put it on for him. Tell him you’re wearing it because you know he likes it. He’ll find it hot that you’re dressing just for him.


Tease each other

If you have no humor, you have nothing. Humor is that element that keeps you feeling young and playful together. It’s that factor that reminds you that this relationship is where you get to let loose. So find little, sweet ways to tease him.


Send provocative pics

He’s a man. He is not tired of receiving photos of you in lingerie or a straight-up naked photo. Men are visual creatures. Keep sending those photos.


Sneak into the shower with him

Next time he’s in the shower, just sneak in there with him and start making out with him. Wash his hair. Massage soap on him. No matter how busy you are, if you have shower sex, you make good use of your time.


Gush over him in front of others

Don’t just compliment your partner to his face, but also compliment him in front of others. When you’re out with others, just grab your partner and say, “Isn’t he just the most handsome man?”


Play little pranks on each other

Pranks are another way to keep that youthful spirit alive. Find little ways to shock/surprise each other. It’s just a harmless way to mix up your routine and throw a little laughter into an otherwise humdrum day. It shows that you want to find ways to make your partner laugh every day.


Drag him into bed for snuggle time

When he starts to get out of bed in the morning, pull him back in, roll on top of him, and tell him he isn’t allowed to leave yet. Everyone loves to feel desired by their partner like this.


Spank him, just because

Spank him when he’s cleaning dishes. Pinch his butt in public. Get away with little provocative touches when you can, just because.


Feed each other

Surprise him one night with a nice meal. When he comes home, have a bottle of wine open, candles lit, music playing, and tell him to just sit back and relax because you’ve handled dinner. Then hand-feed him some appetizers.


Make flirty eyes across the room

When you’re both just lounging around, working on your laptops or reading, steal little playful glances at him. Just quick ones, that reconnect the two of you, even when you’re too busy to really interact.


Talk about sex more

Talk about your sex life more often. Tell him what thing he did in bed the other night that you liked. Tell him about something you want to try some time. Even if you can’t have sex all of the time, you can certainly talk about it a lot, and that’s great foreplay.

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