Struggles You Understand If You Have A Perfectionist Mom

June 6, 2019  |  
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critical mother effect on daughter

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Most mothers give their daughters a healthy amount of criticism and feedback. It’s what mothers do. They see their daughters as extensions of themselves and want to be well-represented out in the world. They also, on a self-less level, just want their daughters to have the happiest life possible. Sometimes they just miss the mark on what their daughters need to be happy. This is a pretty common mother/daughter struggle. It’s at the core of most mother/daughter arguments. But then there is this other type of mother who takes things to a whole other level. The perfectionist mother. The hyper-critical mom who just seems to wake up in the morning and think, “Time to look for problems!” Do you have a mom like that? I do. I’ve had to learn to manage it, and get over it a bit, but it still causes some funny behaviors. Here are things you’ll understand if you have a perfectionist mother.



Social media must be carefully curated

Every time you post, you have to ask yourself, “What if my mother sees this?” You have your mom on a restricted list, which means she only sees the posts you make public or in which you tag her. But you’re always aware that some neighbor or cousin may report something back to her, so you’ve added them to restricted lists, too.

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