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On Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Yung Joc and his girlfriend Kendra, a successful immigration lawyer, found themselves at odds over the fact that she doesn’t want to have a child with him. Her hesitancy comes from the fact that he already has eight children with four other women.

It all started when Kendra opened up to Scrappy’s wife, Bambi, about her feelings after Bambi said Scrappy was pressuring her to have another baby.

“That’s why I be telling Jasiel, with his eight, they enough for me,” she said in an exclusive scene. Jasiel is Joc’s real name by the way. When asked if she was sure she didn’t want any kids, she said, “absolutely not.”

However, she retreated somewhat from her strong stance and said, “maybe” she might change her mind down the road, but having a child with him outside of marriage “ain’t smart.”

“It just seems like a very big responsibility. It’s like, life as you know it definitely changes,” she said. “The thing is we talk about it but it’s like, we ain’t even married. I don’t want to be baby mama number five.”

Kids aside, Kendra did say she is ready to be married to the rapper.

“I’m ready” she said. “I think it will be straight.”

That information, for some reason, was relayed to Scrappy by a loose-lipped Bambi. Feeling a way that Kendra may have encouraged Bambi to not go forward and have more kids with Joc so soon, he went and warned Joc about trying to put a ring on Kendra’s finger: “Do cuz know she don’t want to have kids?”

A hurt Joc decided they needed to talk about it, but of course, he chose to act out first.

Later on in the episode, during an all-night party called Jam Nation, Joc, clearly inebriated, gets too comfortable with troublemaker co-star Pooh and a few other women at the event. An angry Kendra pulls him to the side to confront him about his behavior, and randomly, he throws her feelings about not wanting to have kids with him in her face.

“You want to spend your life with me, but you want to tell people you don’t want to have kids with me,” he said. “It’s just that, you telling somebody something that you haven’t even told me. I’m not saying that I necessarily want to have kids right now but how you gon’ go tell Bambi you don’t want to have kids at all? We talkin’ about marriage. We’ve talked about marriage. We’ve talked about it and I feel like we’re so close but now you don’t want to have kids. Now we having an argument about me pouring drinks on women and you not wanting to have kids, it’s kind of even right now.”

After such a ridiculous sentiment on his part, Kendra decided to just walk out and end the conversation. Nothing was resolved, and Joc stayed drunk.

It’s interesting that Joc would be surprised, though. He’s put a himself in a situation where he has quite a few kids with quite a few women, and while Kendra may have fallen for him, being bunched in with the drama of the many mothers of his children doesn’t sound appealing. Who couldn’t understand that?

With that being said though, they both needed to communicate better, if it’s true that this wasn’t a conversation they attempted to broach previously.

Kendra should have told Joc long before they got this far in their relationship that she didn’t want to have kids with him (though it did sound like she could be open after getting married). I would imagine that it’s hurtful to find out someone shared very important information that could affect your relationship with someone else before telling you.

Still, she is not alone in fault for that. If he wanted more kids (his oldest child is about to be 19), he also should have expressed his hopes for the future with the woman he wants to spend it with. You can’t just assume stuff and then be mad when things don’t play out the way you hope.

For both parties to be so ready to be married, it’s clear they don’t know each other as well as they thought just yet. We have a feeling though that everything will work out. Plus, he started a family long time ago, she’s really the only addition he needs at this point…

Twitter had many thoughts about Joc’s great expectations. Hit the flip to see why they think he needs to give his baby-making loins a rest:

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