Juvenile Reasons Men Cheat

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unfaithful man

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There’s no good reason to cheat. It’s not like some “bad” things people do that are necessary evils. Cheating is just simply…bad. Whether someone is a habitual cheater who even likes to cheat because the fear of getting caught is part of the excitement, or someone cheats just once, because he’s in a complicated situation like an unhappy marriage with children, it all falls under the same category: it’s wrong. Some may try to give all of the excuses in the world as to why they cheated but, ultimately, nothing makes it okay. The right choice is always not to cheat. Nobody can honestly tell you that cheating was a good idea, or the ethical thing to do. That being said, men will come up with some pretty ridiculous reasons as to why they stray. They don’t always say these verbatim, but the idea is there. Here are juvenile but real reasons men cheat.

unfaithful man

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The kids get all the attention

It’s common for men to cheat on their wives at the absolute worst time to do so: just when little kids come into the picture. Men can be used to getting all of their partner’s attention, and once that goes to the children, they look for attention elsewhere. Essentially, they punish their partners for giving them offspring and for being devoted mothers.

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