The Pros And Cons Of Being With A Sensitive Man

May 7, 2019  |  
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I’ve heard it said that the very thing that attracts you to your life partner—the quality that stands out to you the most and draws you in—will also be the impetus for most arguments and tension in your relationship. And that’s because, really, every personality trait, just like a coin, has two sides. There are times when that trait may be a strength, but there are also times when that trait may be a weakness. I know for myself, personally, one of those traits is my enthusiasm. I’m usually up to try anything and love to get excited about new possibilities. I will also, because of that same enthusiasm, sometimes rush into things without doing much planning, which can leave me, and others around, me disappointed. My partner’s double-edged trait is his sensitivity. I immediately fell in love with him for it—he is very emotionally intelligent and in-touch with the feelings of those around him. Of course, being sensitive has its downsides, too. Here are the pros and cons of being with a sensitive man.


He doesn’t take your issues lightly

If you are going through something difficult, emotionally, he doesn’t treat it lightly. He really understands how emotional turmoil can mess with a person. He is all ears and very open to talking things out with you until you feel better.

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