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giving unsolicited feedback

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I started to live by a certain rule in recent years and as soon as I did, I became extremely aware of other people who also live by that rule and those who…do not. Here is my rule: never give feedback unless it is asked for. Do my friends sometimes buy an outfit that I think is an atrocity? Yes. Do my friends sometimes overdo it on the facial injections? Absolutely. Do they sometimes sleep with guys that I don’t approve of? For sure. But I don’t say a word unless they ask me what I think. I made this rule after realizing how much I can’t stand it when people give me unsolicited feedback. Look, naturally if a friend wants to give me feedback on how to be a better friend to her or if my boyfriend needs to give me feedback on how to meet his needs as a partner, that’s totally acceptable. But some people just hand out feedback left and right about things that really don’t affect them. My friend’s outfit doesn’t affect me. If she seems happy, then that’s that. I don’t have to say something about how it could benefit from a waist belt. Maintaining a good dynamic with my friend is more important than perfecting her outfit. Here are times nobody wants unsolicited feedback—I promise.

giving unsolicited feedback

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How to lose weight

Do not tell a friend how to lose weight. Definitely don’t do this if she hasn’t expressed interest in losing weight and don’t even do it if she is trying to lose weight. That’s just not something to say to someone on a weight loss journey. She’s already overwhelmed with information.

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