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“Whose boobs are those?”

Any time that question is asked, you know somebody’s about to be in trouble.

During last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, that’s exactly what Kristine asked Keith after they exchanged phones during an exercise encouraged by the experts. As it turned out, he had a number of photos of his ex on his phone, including nude ones of her breasts and behind. When asked when they broke up, Keith said they split the year before due to long-distance challenges, and yet, the photos still remained.

Understandably, Kristine wasn’t feeling that the ex was “all over your phone,” but in Keith’s mind, he had a good excuse.

“I mean, we were together almost 4 1/2 years,” he said in response. “That’s a big chunk of my life.”

The fact that he hadn’t deleted the photos immediately when she brought them up left Kristine feeling insecure and like he still has feelings for his ex.

When they spoke to Pastor Cal about the issue later, he didn’t understand why Keith had the photos either. When he asked him, “What about the 4 1/2 years are you not done with?” Keith said, “A lot of my life was a part of that.” And as he put it, “I didn’t feel like it was necessary.”

Pastor Cal tried to see both sides, but he still felt that Keith needed to get rid of the risque images. They no longer served a purpose (unless he was still ogling them, which is a big problem since 1. He is not with his ex anymore, and 2. He is married to someone else). However, Pastor Cal also told Kristine not to overreact. Keith hadn’t done anything otherwise to show that she couldn’t trust him, and considering he didn’t try to hide the photos from her, he felt he had nothing to hide. Still, Keith was instructed to make the concerns Kristine prioritizes, his priority.

“The world you have with Kristine, this is your world,” he said. “This is your only world.”

We didn’t see Keith delete the pictures from his phone, but seeing that Kristine was comfortable enough to let him give her body kisses as they played a game of romantic dice at the end of the episode, we assume he did and that all is forgiven. Plus, at least their relationship is in better shape than Luke and Kate’s

But the fact that he never considered getting rid of the pictures when he said “I do,” or immediately when she shared her discomfort with them, left Twitter really confused. Who doesn’t understand that their spouse isn’t going to be okay with them having a plethora of photos of their ex, let alone naked ones? Keith Dewar, folks. Check out how social media reacted to last night’s episode below, and by hitting the flip:

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