When Love Hurts: 10 Of The Most Common Sex Injuries

January 22, 2019  |  
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Sex and pleasure go hand in hand. We cuddle up under the sheets for a little play time expecting nothing but bliss ahead. But unfortunately, there are times when sex can get painful, if not downright dangerous. If you’re someone who has experienced an injury during sex, you are not alone. These injuries can range from from something minor like bumping heads, to something a little more intense like vaginal tears or losing toys in your rectum. Ouch.

An online survey from Doctor Superdrug asked 802 sexually active men and women what their most awkward sexual mishaps were. 99% reported head collisions and 50% admitted they felt out of bed during the act.

Some of the most least common sex accidents were: throwing up 11%, dropping a partner 5.2%, defecating 3.8% and passing gas 2.3%. Here’s what made the top 10:


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1. Accidentally Bumping Heads With Your Partner

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2. Accidentally Falling Off The Bed

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3. Accidentally Broke Or Damaged An Item

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4. Partner Accidentally Hit Me

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5. Accidentally Knocked A Painting, Decoration, Or Painting From A Wall

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6. Partner Accidentally Bruised Me

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7. Partner Accidentally Dropped Me

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8. Accidentally Bruised My Partner

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9. Accidentally Urinated

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10. Was Affected By A Medical Condition

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