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Men, you’re sleeping on the chance to go shopping with your girlfriends and wives. You think it would just be boring and annoying. But that’s just because your dads and older generations of men taught you to believe that. I appreciate a man who is well put together and takes pride in his appearance. You know what kinds of men do that? The ones who not only go shopping, but go shopping with women—we’re kind of amazing at dressing dudes. Shopping with your partner can be fun. It can be rewarding. And it’s really not the torture you’re told it is. Yes, your friends will roast you a little for shopping with your partner, but you won’t care once you realize all the benefits. Here are compelling reasons men should shop with their partners more often.


She does your activities

First of all, she probably goes to some activities with you that she isn’t really into. She does it to get to know you better, and to show an interest in your hobbies. If you don’t reciprocate, she’ll wonder what she’s even doing with you. It’s just selfish not to reciprocate.


You can discourage over spending

If your partner has an over-spending problem, you can help her with that by tagging along on the shopping trip. Budgeting together makes you a stronger couple. And you can talk some sense into your partner about that $200 sweater.


She’ll pick out things for you

Do you hate to shop for yourself? Well if you just tag along with your partner, she’ll do the shopping for you. She just needs you standing there, like a living mannequin, so she can predict what will look good on you. But she’ll mostly handle this task for you.


She knows what she’s talking about

Oh and women tend to know what they’re talking about when it comes to dressing men. Next time you see a man who looks really good, ask him if he’s single—I bet he is not. I bet his partner picked out those pants.


You can see her in clothes you like

You can encourage her to buy clothes that you’d like to see her in more often. There are probably certain types of outfits you know flatter her the most. When else do you get a chance to make sure she wears more of those?


And discourage weird purchases

Also, if there is some weird item she likes to buy—like pantaloons or bowler hats—you can gently distract her from those.


She’s cute when she shops—I promise

I promise you’ll find her cute when she shops. She’ll talk out loud to herself, make up little stories about the ways she’ll wear the outfits, and so on. It’s adorable.


Mall food

Maybe she doesn’t usually want you eating big slices of pizza or soft pretzels and cheese dip. But, she’ll probably be fine with it, so long as that keeps you happy while she shops.


You earn points with her friends

Her friends will give you major brownie points. If they were in your partner’s ear about you not being a great boyfriend, shopping with her could curtail that.


You earn points with her

You’ll also earn points with your partner. She’ll think it was so sweet that you accompanied her shopping that she may reward you in, mmmm, all sorts of ways.


People think it’s adorable

I promise you, when sales associates and women at the mall see you shopping with your girlfriend, they’ll all say, “Aaw. What a good boyfriend. That’s so sweet.” And it will feel good.


It’s time together

Your lives are very busy. Aren’t you always struggling to find time together? So rather than tell your partner than you’ll meet up with her after she goes shopping, why don’t you spend those few hours together?


You can play with electronics

Don’t forget that the mall isn’t all about clothes. You can go into certain stores and play with electronics or sit in massage chairs.


She’ll want to go alone next time

Don’t worry: she won’t want you to go shopping with her every time. In fact, if you go with her once or twice, she’ll realize that you kind of slow her down, and she won’t ask you to tag along as much in the future.


Your wardrobe needs a refresher

If you’re a man, I feel confident betting your wardrobe needs a refresher. Do yourself a favor and go shopping with your partner. Your shirts have holes in them.

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